DW crosspost, public; musings on draconity, and gender-gatekeeping kids' access to nature. Mentions @frogwatching 's excellent gender zine, which I'll go into more thoughts on later.

CW: gender and species dysphoria, sexualisation of AFAB kids, gamer bro creepiness.

@monsterblue Okay this is /really good/.

and all the "transgender signs" [actually transspecies] is a /fucking mood/.

@monsterblue @frogwatching Oddly enough, thank you for helping me understand why I didn't suspect anything in my childhood or teens. o.o (Context: AMAB trans)

The whole "feminine socialization as subservient future-concubine" schtick is festering bullshit and something I realized even when I was 5. (And yet it never occurred to me why I liked tomboys)

@Kyresti @frogwatching Yeah, I can imagine any critter, of any gender, running away from that.

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