oh wow

ok you know the creepy thing league of legends was doing with their new champion Seraphine where they were having her be the hashtag relatable everyday girl with mental illness on instagram

it's somehow gotten worse! the tale is somehow worse


quoth the article,

My problem with Seraphine is much more personal. My problem with her is that I think she’s based on me.

a picture of the two to compare is below, the article is her detailing other things the character shares with her real life and detailing that she actually had a relationship with a riot employee who was trying to get her to participate in a project etc.


@wigglytuffitout holy fuccckkkkk :dragn_sob: I'm so sorry to hear that happened.....

@monsterblue if there's any silver lining in this reporting, it's honestly a bit comforting to see everyone - on masto and otherwise - lining up to go "holy fuck this is SO not okay".

like yeah, riot games is fucked, but the rest of us ain't. and i really hope the author of the piece is getting a huge groundswell of support from this, too.

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