Categories of words I will censor or avoid, if aware (non-exhaustive):

- Words that demean vulnerable groups, or glorify bigotry (e.g. slurs, racist/ableist/anti-fat etc dogwhistles)
- Words that deny others' personal and communal identities (e.g. deadnames, colonial names for places/peoples)
- Words that are sacred or taboo to marginalised cultures/religions, and not to be spoken
- Words that belong to cultures/religions of which I am not a part, and cannot use accurately due to not being immersed in that culture (e.g. spirit animal)

Categories of words I will *not* censor or avoid, assuming they are none of the above:

- Words used by others to describe *their own* personal or communal identities (e.g. microidentities, neopronouns, noungenders)

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