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guide to system emoji 

:cobaltmlem: Cobalt (drgn, he/they/it)
:collar: Armitage (robot, she/her)
:purple_blue_fire: Arashi (humanoid person/cyborg, she/her)
💜 Anthy (humanoid/unicorn/melanistic foxcorn furry, doesn't consider herself to be human necessarily but is okay with being called that, she/her)

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fursuit head construction, kludges 

I don't have a mannequin head that can stand on its own, so I've had to improvise.

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

- Birth of a Dragon, by KaniS:
- SFW, romance elements
The story at this page is 100% real, but there's a fiction story buried in here that I've always related to a lot.

- Last Session, by Kristina Tracer (Th' buni):
Part of the Passenger Pigeon 13 series. A powerful little story about species dysphoria and the mixed emotions of a last therapy session.

- Pretty much anything by Jewelfox:
- All SFW
Jewelfox is a survivor of Mormon abuse, and her stories that feature beings trying to reconcile their oppressive religious upbringings with their desire to transform are particularly good. (Endure to the End, An Enemy To God, As I Am) There's also a lot of focus on autistic beings.

- If WisheRs Were Horses:
- Mostly SFW, some NSFW
An old site by Destrier, including stories, mock-FAQs on what to expect during a transformation, and traditional mythical and folkloric transformation stories. Almost all horses. I remember liking a lot of the stuff here for its general species-dysphoria themes; this is a good little example.

found an archive of an old cd someone found that was sold as being a collection of 22000 gifs

lions actually kinda are inspirational but not in the way most people think of them

they are productive enough during a short time to just lay around doing nothing most of the time, which seems like a pretty good deal

My sister is wants to start a cafe in Groningen (in the North of the Netherlands) owned and run by Deaf people.

Mostly because something like this didn't exist yet, because she would have loved to work in a place like this when she was younger, and because we can do with more Deaf representation.

She is doing crowdfunding for it now here (Dutch language):

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@minecraft_ebooks So what this post is clearly saying is that if we educate dragons, they'll implement socialism. Profound and true, let's do it.

poem, lewd, mentions of systemic discrimination 

Here. More monsterfucking poetry, this time with fewer humans.

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@heatherhorns I love the fact that the girl's take away from this is that bacon is love

what an incredible absolute to end your morning conversation with

So I started a petting zoo where the employees are TFed chocobos, but 

@aearo @monsterblue Quiet kweh-ing. :blobfox3c:

there is a small dragon inside your computer, curled around the cpu to keep themself comfortably warm

I've been researching and learning a lot about the construction of old Irish stone cottages and how to properly restore them. It's quite interesting how a lot of the modern best practices don't apply or are actually counterproductive in the process. I'm really starting to appreciate the simple but resilient design of stone houses

So I started a petting zoo where the employees are TFed chocobos, but 

Nobody wants to wark anymore

the bivalent covid 2nd booster/4th shot is available in the united states

pfizer for ages 12 and up

moderna for adults

please get your appointment scheduled for a bivalent covid shot as soon as possible if you haven’t already

i've been in this queue 12 hours now and you're only just telling me i misheard? there aren't any lizzers in that box?

alc adjacent 

you know theyre a real irish pub in the US when they're not serving food but theyll give you some crisps anyway

trans, boost please 

To anyone who needs to hear it:

"passing" is a beauty standard in disguise.

And like with all beauty standards - if it empowers you and it's cool for you, then go for it! It's awesome!

Quietly appreciating it in others is also fine.

What is not fine is to force it on others, or to judge others based on it.

Never, EVER consider yourself at fault if you either can't do it or just don't want to. It's optional.

Also b. standards, any kind, are just ONE version of beauty.

#Minecraft Ice and Fire mod brings in dragons. These are Stage 1, hatchlings. I'm still having to tend them very closely so they don't wander off and get into trouble they can't handle. Hopefully the armor will grow with them. Not sure the rest of the mod has implemented properly, I'm not finding any of the other creatures or structures I should be seeing. Oh, and the dragons can ride on my shoulder at this stage.

Once upon a time
There was a dragon
Hoarding special stuff
Like clocks to read the time

When they went to dine
A clockwork always
Had to go with them
So once it had been nine

(Being time to go)
It enabled them
To stand up and leave
Without announcing so

Then they go to sleep
On a bed built in
A big standing clock
Wherein their dreams are deep

#Poetry #Poem #Dragon

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