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guide to system emoji 

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fursuit head construction, kludges 

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

idea yoinked from context (because it's really good on its own and in general) 

@monsterblue if, in doing so, you meet a god, don't be afraid. you can't kill them anyways, and they are you, and they are everyone you love, and they don't exist, and they are real.

It feels weird when art tutorials approach "how to draw boys!"/"how to draw girls!" as if they're different species. Certainly study why something looks feminine/masculine to you, but don't let it limit you! #arttips

pokemon ocs, gender 

pokemon ocs, parasitism 

pokemon ocs 


- it's okay to say no
- it's okay to ask for what you need
- it's okay to slip through the cracks between your own heartbeats and visit the shadowed court where time holds no sway and meaning itself is rendered null

ffxiv, twinning kink 

@pamela Some speakers of languages that don't have grammatical gender do talk about their struggles to have their gender asserted in their day to day lives. @yuki_is_bored

Did You Know? Opossums sometimes fake their deaths for tax purposes, not just to avoid predators!

colonialism, video game (metroid) 


note about limitations re: warning: email infosec, ProtonMail 

Fun Fact, some lizards carry GPUs that let them change their scale colors

however they aren’t that beefy and can’t do ray tracing, and you may want to disable blur effects in kde

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