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Categories of words I will censor or avoid, if aware (non-exhaustive):

- Words that demean vulnerable groups, or glorify bigotry (e.g. slurs, racist/ableist/anti-fat etc dogwhistles)
- Words that deny others' personal and communal identities (e.g. deadnames, colonial names for places/peoples)
- Words that are sacred or taboo to marginalised cultures/religions, and not to be spoken
- Words that belong to cultures/religions of which I am not a part, and cannot use accurately due to not being immersed in that culture (e.g. spirit animal)

Categories of words I will *not* censor or avoid, assuming they are none of the above:

- Words used by others to describe *their own* personal or communal identities (e.g. microidentities, neopronouns, noungenders)

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

if you have scales, feathers or fur this is a neat link; species euphoria; distracting; edited to add: it covers fish and other pre-reptiles as well 

if you have scales, feathers or fur this is a neat link; species euphoria; distracting 

drugs, consensual tf, mention of mind-altering, feral, second person aimed at reader, continuing story 

drugs (psychedelic implied), emeto, consensual tf, second person aimed at reader, continuing story 

drugs (psychedelic implied), consensual tf, second person aimed at reader 

just try to notice people's characteristics differently, then notice *how you perceive people differently* as a result.

if you are having difficulty with taking the gender binary out of your perception — struggling with perceiving your nonbinary friends as women or men, on a level below your conscience, for instance — this is an exercise that can help.

you have the power and the right to reinterpret your world. this is a simple way to do it: observably, there is height. observably, there is length.

that much is indisputable, even obvious. that means it is a kind of leverage, stable footing from which you can shift your unexamined biases and habits of perception.

In the animal kingdom, being unattractive to humans can be potentially fatal

In addition to the myriad of variants we've bred, I wonder if natural selection has nudged certain other species toward either end of survivability and made permanent changes to their appearance and/or behavior

Here is a commission I did for @chr !! Thank you for your patience

After several months, @mobilizon is out!

It seems to be a very good fit in these times of protests when people need to self-organize to fight for their rights, away from large companies which can and have already censored them!

Have a look at the guided tour @Framasoft offers in their blog, it’s full of great ideas.

Congrats to them, I’m happy to support you financially, and it was well worth the wait 🎉

Seattle medical collective needs your help! 

An Ace crest, because not every tribe is defined by blood. The Latin translates "I'd rather have cake". #AceWeek
Symbolism explained 👇

#otherkin #comic based on my nonkin partner's favorite scene from anything. ever. (Hoping to do my next comic on my other partner, HouseofChimera's, shenanigans with 'kin archiving, haha.)


"oh that's a weird place for that to be," she said to herself. "my hands are full right now but i'll be right back to pick it up and put it in its right place so i can find it again."

and then...........................

she DIDN'T

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