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guide to system emoji 

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fursuit head construction, kludges 

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

being a conduit for whatever walk-in entities want to use the body is a strange way to live

but I learn a lot from it, and it's often fun. I've only ever had two who caused trouble for me irl, and I was able to negotiate with both of them eventually

Question for plural folks: do you ever have dreams where you have a headmate that you don't actually have in reality?

In the past, when I've dreamed of sharing the body, it's always been with people who were already headmates, and I assumed we were dreaming alongside each other. But last night I dreamed quite vividly of having a headmate who I don't think I have?

I'm tentatively going on the assumption that she *is* here somehow; it's just surprising.

carcinisation variants, furry fedi style:

- taurisation
- draconisation
- koboldisation
- pokesation
- nissation

gosh how did i not find this artist sooner

if ur not a dragon they make you a dragon

if you're already a dragon they make you EXTRA DRAGON

of course theyre sold out

There are many practical and environmental reasons to live in cities, but damn if I wouldn't jump on a chance to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by terrain and vegetation

Things learned from the rat tickling certification:

- rats make 22khz noises when sad and 55khz trills when happy

- rats initially think stroking is a negative thing, stroking rats is less effective than tickling

It *does* feel nice to clean out the ol' lair every once in a while.

Even if the dust it kicks up is *tremendous*.

Everyone's smile deserves to be loved. For the majority oral care to have perfectly straight teeth is unrealistic. Loving your smile for what it is is radical. Heck yeah I got monster teeth. Grr grr bark bark.

Wait... The appreciation is coming from..

... INSIDE the dragon!

apparently cloud forests are forests found at high altitudes, between 4000-8000 feet

an alligator lizard is one of these little lovelies

sounds like drgn paradise

just heard the phrase "alligator lizards can be found in the cloud forests of Mexico" and now i have a new bucket list place to visit

has anyone made lossless video compression algorithms for things like old video games or non-HD video footage?

Does the west even make "healing stories"? Japan has pretty much made a whole genre of it, but I can't think of any stories from America or Europe where all the characters are respectful of one another and get along, nothing terrible happens to anyone, and the purpose is just to make the viewer/reader feel calm. Western stories are always centered around some sort of conflict, and at least in my public education I was never taught that a story can be written any other way.

Taper: an online literary magazine for small computational pieces, published by Bad Quarto.

Call for Work for Issue 8, with the theme of 8-Bit Nostalgia by April 1st

The 8-bit era was characterized by remarkable creativity in working with constraints, something Taper seeks to emulate. We seek works inspired by 8-bit computing, music, games, graphic art, character sets as well as the number of bits that constitute a
byte and its multiple representations.

We also welcome submissions that address cultural associations of the number 8, such as fortune in Chinese and other Asian cultures, holiness in Japanese culture, and other religious associations.

Alternatively, works could address abstract aspects of the number eight, such as its relations to geometrical figures (cubic vertices, octagons), the symmetry of the number, how it becomes the symbol of infinity when rotated, or its impact on poetic forms (octosyllabic lines, various kinds of octameter, octets, octaves, etc).

mutual aid request, asking for help 

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