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Categories of words I will censor or avoid, if aware (non-exhaustive):

- Words that demean vulnerable groups, or glorify bigotry (e.g. slurs, racist/ableist/anti-fat etc dogwhistles)
- Words that deny others' personal and communal identities (e.g. deadnames, colonial names for places/peoples)
- Words that are sacred or taboo to marginalised cultures/religions, and not to be spoken
- Words that belong to cultures/religions of which I am not a part, and cannot use accurately due to not being immersed in that culture (e.g. spirit animal)

Categories of words I will *not* censor or avoid, assuming they are none of the above:

- Words used by others to describe *their own* personal or communal identities (e.g. microidentities, neopronouns, noungenders)

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

when i think of 🚨 i think of siren, alert, warning, flashing light. i think of "wee woo wee woo". i do not think of "revolving_light"

uspol, payroll tax, important but also negative 

A DIGITAL ART TIP: Do you have problems getting lost in detail? It's easy to just keep zooming in and obsessing over a scale that'll be a few pixels at the final size. And then you wonder why your stuff takes forever. 

but just know that just because I don't say hi in a while doesn't mean we don't appreciate you!! social anxiety and ADHD together make for not fun times

I will be living in this bucket 'til the hot weather goes away. Presumably.


youtube link, video about reptile intelligence 

Question: if, hypothetically, I was required to keep on my person a phone that I was certain to be a tracking device, and didn't trust it to fully deactivate when turned off, how would I make a simple Faraday cage for it?

Would a box lined with aluminum foil be sufficient?

Re-releasing these because they keep changing / being improved:

at_ok and boost_ok for when these interactions are permitted by the poster.

dont_at_me (or at_no) and boost_no for when these interactions are not permitted by the poster.

You will have seen some of these before, this is nothing new, just rage love's version. Released under WTFPL. Please use them freely.

#emoji #emojis #emojo #emojos #accessibility

sex toy shopping, mentions of bigotry, Actual Serious Question 

capitalism, dragonthoughts 

pronouns, genderspecies 

R - Really
E - Excellent
V - Very
O - Online
U - Undulates
T - Towards
I - Internationalist
O - Overtures
N - Now

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