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species euphoria, me 

!!!! a me!!

drawn by monsterbrainsoup!! the best otherkin referencer ever, check it out at

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guide to system emoji 

:cobaltmlem: Cobalt (drgn, he/they/it)
:collar: Armitage (robot, she/her)
:purple_blue_fire: Arashi (humanoid person/cyborg, she/her)
💜 Anthy (humanoid/unicorn/melanistic foxcorn furry, doesn't consider herself to be human necessarily but is okay with being called that, she/her)

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fursuit head construction, kludges 

I don't have a mannequin head that can stand on its own, so I've had to improvise.

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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

- Birth of a Dragon, by KaniS:
- SFW, romance elements
The story at this page is 100% real, but there's a fiction story buried in here that I've always related to a lot.

- Last Session, by Kristina Tracer (Th' buni):
Part of the Passenger Pigeon 13 series. A powerful little story about species dysphoria and the mixed emotions of a last therapy session.

- Pretty much anything by Jewelfox:
- All SFW
Jewelfox is a survivor of Mormon abuse, and her stories that feature beings trying to reconcile their oppressive religious upbringings with their desire to transform are particularly good. (Endure to the End, An Enemy To God, As I Am) There's also a lot of focus on autistic beings.

- If WisheRs Were Horses:
- Mostly SFW, some NSFW
An old site by Destrier, including stories, mock-FAQs on what to expect during a transformation, and traditional mythical and folkloric transformation stories. Almost all horses. I remember liking a lot of the stuff here for its general species-dysphoria themes; this is a good little example.

i think im starting to realise the appeal of a kinsona

bc its like. sometimes your Actual Self is really difficult to make as a suit, or to make look good. and you want a sort of inbetween to embody yourself that is Cool and Affirming but also Pull-off-able

Time to sleep, but I really wanted to draw Yoshi and Plessie - my two favorite Marios.

So here's a quick scribble.

one of my friends was asking what she could call me (namewise, cause she only knew me as my ffxiv character) and i gave her two choices and she picked the cuter one

and i got this sudden vibe of "aw i wanna share my ref sheet with her" but like. at what stage of a friendship is that appropriate

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*runs to computer* normalise sharing ref sheets like you share pronouns

Game with dragons you have the ability to kill but if you do so it severely punishes you and ruins the rest of your playthrough

Longish list of useful links for the anarcho-curious 

Resources for Dreamers, Troublemakers, and Disciples of the Beautiful Idea.

Communication Tools:

Anarchist Digital Infrastructure:


Digital Libraries/Distros:


Anarchist Audio:

Anarchist Video Archives:

Counter Surveillance & OpSec:

Mobile Phone Security:
Communication Infrastructure Guide for Anarchists:
Digital Protection Guides:
Counter Surveillance Resource Center:

DIY Healthcare:

Street Medicine & First Aid:

DIY Tourniquets:
DIY Medicine & Abortion care:
Home Remedies for Common Maladies:

#Anarchy #Libraries #AnarchistMedia #Security #FirstAid

Pallas's Sandgrouse

An unusual bird of dry plains and grasslands that looks like a cross between a dove and a grouse. Both sexes have a long, needle-thin tail, a rectangular black belly patch, and overall sandy-brown plumage. The male sports an orange-and-gray face and a pink tinge to his wings and back. The female is browner, with heavy speckling on the neck and nape. Flies in flocks, often gathering in groups of up to thousands strong at reliable waterholes.

Photo Location: China

abuse tw, asking for resources 

Does anyone have recommendations for resources on how to recover for prolonged emotional abuse? Doesn't need to be clinical, other survivors' stories would work too. I realized recently that my relationship with my ex wasn't as harmless as I thought and I'm struggling to find resources that aren't "do CBT about it" :boost_ok:

Please do not share the photo of the Yanomami old lady who has recently died of hunger.

The Uruhi-Yanomami association has come forward to explain that in Yanomami culture all belongings of the dead are burned, their name isn't evoked, and photos stop being circulated. They want people to stop using this photo in particular.

If you believe it necessary to show the graphic malnutrition photos to draw attention to the years of deliberate genocide during the Bolsonaro administration, 1) consider thinking twice about the premise and 2) if you really feel like it helps, at least use other photos of victims still alive.

The photo in question shows a severely famished old woman in a wooden house, being weighted on a floor scale by a government agent.


#brazil #yanomami

controversial ffxiv opinion but sometimes the quicksand is good

hung out and listened to an extremely good bard group play Boys of Summer and Bohemian Rhapsody perfectly on key. and my lizard had good rp with a roe from kugane whose father was a weaponsmith. they got to talk crafting and Knives

everyone is practicing "self-care", but I'm practicing "self-mare", where you turn into a horse.

Somewhere, beneath a leaf, a soft salamander waits to join your most vital memories.
Somewhere, in an autumn's rich soil, a mushroom will stand above ground and remind you of the strange life deep below.
Somewhere, a person like us, will need the magic only you can bring them.

#poetry #poem

Rawr. 💙

(Dragons, dinosaurs, lions, and other rawring beasties can translate that. This one, with its exact intonation and heart, definitely means "I love you.")

the other day I realized that eastern arabic numerals are written in the same order as western ones but the script is RTL. so we are littleendian and they are bigendian. and dunno, I find it interesting.

#tf ish, shiny, caw, #xp 

"But this /is/ me," said the shiny crow. "Having to wear this, needing to take it off every night, they're design flaws. I'm working on it." 💜
#tf #shiny #caw #xp

Pensive In the Forest 🤔 🌲

Amazing lock screen commission from @/reilukah on Twitter 🤍

#furry #furryart

So back on Xmas eve there just so happened to be a new 2D animated #Moomin short that aired on Finnish TV Network YLE and I just found out about it today! It's pretty much everything I wish #Moominvalley would be, so definitely give it a watch!

For now I think the link below is the only place to watch reliably globally. You do not need any prior Moomin knowledge to watch and understand it!

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