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non-exhaustive thread of some of my favourite TF stories/sites 

Moving from animal training to communicating (video) 

Does someone know of a program / support structure in germany that is helping young trans adults / teens to get away from abusive parents?

:boost_requested:Help disabled fam have a great halloween (and wear pants!) 

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In the event that things get REAL weird, any of the above items can be used for barter. Consider also buying some baby/menstrual supplies even if you don't have a baby or a period.

Another thing you can get is a "72-hour kit," which is basically a backpack full of stuff to keep you on your feet for 3 days following an emergency. My parents gave me one when I left home, because Mormonism. I keep it in my car. You can find DIY instructions online, and I'm pretty sure you can buy ready-made ones.

If you have the money for it, consider spending a good chunk of cash on a well-stocked first-aid kit--like a couple hundred dollars. You can find reviews online.

If you own a weapon, you should be comfortable handling it. Take a training course. Don't be a fool.

Don't forget things like pet food, prescriptions, toilet paper, offline activities like board/card games and books, candles, lighters/matches, rain ponchos, rubber boots, extra socks... whatever you wouldn't want to be caught without.

I realize that not everyone has the money or space to do everything, but these tips are adaptible to different situations.

It's not a bad idea to buy some sealed containers of drinking water--even just a gallon or two. Put them under your bed, in your attic/basement/garage, in the back of a closet, and forget about them. This can be enough to keep you hydrated while you're evacuating a city, or enough to wait out a water/power outage for several days. Thirst and/or dirty water will kill you.

the workers
they have destroyed their cage
the workers are on strike

This is a mood

Where's my black folk meeting dragons. Set it in the ghetto? THAT WOULD BE SO INTERESTING WHAT THE HECK.

RT Can I at least get a story of a little black/poc kid or sumn befriending a dragon for once


It's been about a year, so I've updated my old report about life after post-orchiectomy, complex dysphoria vs. genital positivity feelings, fashion, and #t4t sex:

Feel free to share this anywhere you think it's appropriate to share up close photos of my bodymodded genitals!
(I did my best to content warning everything in the report including the sections about dysphoria and sex, and I welcome feedback on how to improve that.)

#transition #grs #srs #bottomSurgery actually it's very much top surgery lmao

Found this great website to send people who just say "Hi" in chat.

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Sometimes I get surprised when I don't get much of a response to toots that *I* think are "a big deal". I wonder if it's just different values?

To me, the ability to create containers using natural local materials is ____so frickin cool___! It's empowering, a creativity opportunity, and creates useful things without producing non-biodegradable waste!

Baskets are remarkably badass.

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that moment when the drugs kick in and you realize that there is absolutely nothing in the universe except you and your infinite reflections

lots of process notes on my blog:

high res/source:


I'm £300 short for rent and I'm not expecting anywhere near that of course but if anyone has a spare £5 or something it all really helps 🥺 I swear I will (and already do) pay it forward when I can

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