If only i had the right size Allen wrench to disassemble the thing to find out what mechanism it used so I know what replacement kit to buy.

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Oh marvelous, my kitchen sink faucet is leaking at the base. Fortunately it’s not a fast leak, nothing of value was damaged, and this is apparently an easy category of repair.


the biggest advantage to a desktop mic instead of a headset mic when hypnotizing someone: it's way easier for foley work

It came here ye, this robot just like the box, it'll strip you in loathing in Corpus Cristi and that makes you silly, then leave you out. By the pain. Make some polar flair with him and he'll turn into swiss, cause honey, he'll bring the immortal just like Salem because you're gonna end up for help and it's AXOLOTL!

Reposting this amazing thing that @Metaph found on public, because it deserves to be shared.

Succulent lizard!


This bot will cut up Ha-die-an Punch and somebody's about to your arseguard and poisonous venom. Little known fact, I'm afraid of SawBlaze. The best looking to Georgia. He came from totally smashed and the hell over the docks, it'll only know if you shell-shocked... and buried. It's SUBZERO!

once again a negative review has persuaded me to purchase a book

Knock knock, it's one. Here comes at your turn you for the percussion of its spinner is dooooooope! It's MINOTAUR!

I have now been working at my present employer for ten years. That just seems so weird.

fediblock recommendation (violence/gore ment.) 

@owashii hey @anthracite, here’s an instance that seems worth blocking (see thread)

With the hardware upgraded, I have been using my arcade stick to play the obvious games one would use an arcade stick for, such as Ace Attorney

Casually spent four hours playing Remnants of the Precursors. (rayfowler.itch.io) Um, whoops. Don’t let its “software developer, not graphic designer” aesthetic fool you, it’s an excellent Master of Orion remake.

the purpose for all this is so I can play Tetris except much less competently than I can with a normal gamepad btw

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update: over lunch, I successfully replaced all the buttons but discovered I couldn’t use the joystick cabling attached to the cheap joystick and the corresponding cable was glued into the connector on the donor’s motherboard, so I swapped the buttons and gate. all the buttons work! waiting for my replacement 5-pin cable and flush cutter to shave down the second stabilizing thing so it can sit in one end of an eight pin slot (no, the other three pins don’t do anything) to arrive tomorrow, will swap the stick after that because wow the Sanwa stick is much tighter and better-feeling to use than this whatever-it-is

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today’s extracurricular project: I have a PS3 arcade stick that nothing I plug it into can detect, with excellent Sanwa parts, and a fully functional wireless cross-platform arcade stick with cheap parts and Sanwa-compatible design. hardware transplant time!

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