Splatoon 3 salt 

Sometimes it really *is* everyone else’s fault

nsfw (furry): scalie, alien, oviposition. so much oviposition. (contains birdsite link to artist) 

So, Andromeda was eager to be Romi’s next incubator, but she wasn’t quite prepared for just how thorough they would be… She’s not complaining, though!

Commission (and Romi) by twitter.com/slugtastical (one hour sketchpage + central focus). I really love how this came out!

lizardgirl ref sheet! (vore reference), birdsite link to artist 

so! I got an excellent reference sheet commission from Slugtastical (twitter.com/slugtastical), expanding of my previous "me-as-a-lizardgirl" concepts into a distinct character. I'm really happy with how this came out, it's extraordinary.

I am less convinced of UPS' time travel abilities than they seem to be.

nsfw puerile humor, Wikipedia 

I did not actually vandalize Wikipedia but sometimes the temptation is _very_ strong

vrchat photo 

for comparison, @chr 's tail in its natural environment: sticking through a ceiling

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vrchat photo 

the rarely-seen cryptid, @chr 's entire tail

I’ve decided to get in the habit of logging how I spend time during the workday

looking for VRChat avatar recommendations 

Or I could pull out advice from @balloonpup that a friend forwarded to me on how to squeakify an avatar, and spend a while tinkering with shaders, and get something I think I like out of the gryphon avatar base I purchased from Meelo a while back... I think this is a good start!

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Clearly I am being very productive today at work despite being kind of out-of-it from my COVID shot and have not gotten distracted on unnecessary things at all

sweary, incidental birdsite reference 

Obviously, I only use my professional notebook and associated craft-y tools and embellishments in professional ways.

non-vegetarian food, economic politics shitpost 

This frozen pizza would only be a better metaphor for US wealth distribution if all the pepperoni was balanced on top of each other and the cheese and sauce were missing from half of it

I maaaay have too many turquoise-ish inks loaded in pens at the same time.


arguments on Wikipedia (which I avidly read because I think nerd fights are funny, even though I’m a nerd who gets into nerd fights) can be difficult to read on a phone

fountain pen notebook mini-review 

GLP Creations “The Author” notebook, a B6-slim dot grid notebook with numbered pages on Tomoe River paper *should* be excellent.

It is not excellent.

Do not buy.

fountain pen ink mini-review 

Robert Oster Dragon’s Night: approved by Actual Dragons™️

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