hypnokink curiosities! (contains mentions of my other kinks) 

I feel increasingly confident with my abilities as a hypnotist; I feel like I probably *could* improvise a reasonable session with zero notes, which is a milestone I've really been aiming for and I'm a bit surprised I've gotten to it this quickly. (It means I feel like I could hypnotize someone over VRChat, for example...)

I feel like I am lagging behind on creativity, though - sure, I have plenty of concepts for otherkin-related content and fetish-related content, but I have _zero_ ideas for sessions that _aren't_ leaning hard into one of these things. (of course, all hypnosis sessions are fetishy if you've got a hypnosis fetish, but that's sort of tangential.) What kinds of concepts could I be developing here? Using hypnotic phenomena beyond induction and vivid imagination (w/ sensory involvement) would be a plus.

Most of what I have so far in this category is in the "vivid imagination" category, in which my hypnotic subject gets introduced to my lair and then gets enthusiastic dragon hugs. this _is_ admittedly a lot of what I wanted out of developing skill with hypnosis anyway - ways to hug friends over the Internet - but I also feel like it's not "enough" and I want more ideas for what to do here! Basic fractionation with basic triggerplay (session-scoped reinduction triggers) has also been involved in some of these, although it's felt kinda contrived some of the time. (contrivance I'm more comfortable with in the fetishy sessions - I have an easier time accepting things as tools that will not always have perfect integration with the scene when I'm setting up for specific kink play; I guess I feel like I have better justification?)

Some of my stress about this is that it's harder to practice when I have what feels to me like a narrow repertoire outside of kink. I want to run sessions when I haven't worked up the courage and suppression of internalized shame to even propose kink-centered sessions (even with folks who have made it *very* clear they are enthusiastic about the kink-centered ones); getting better at dealing with *those* things is important too, but the bottom line is that I don't always want to be sexual but that doesn't actually stop me from wanting to hypnotize people.

Treating hypnosis as a kink, it's not unique in that regard - all of my kinks can be interesting to me separate from my actually feeling libidinous, which is kinda weird since I was about to say "almost all" because a couple seem too tied to sex itself - sizeplay and hyper, specifically - but I then proceeded to recognize what it's like to be interested in *those* without feeling specifically libidinous so I guess "all" really is the right term for that. Psychology's weird sometimes.

hypnokink curiosities! (contains mentions of my other kinks) 

...and I'd also be curious about things folks would especially want in otherkin-centric or kink-centric sessions too, I admit! <..< Feel free to expound on those subjects too...

hypnokink curiosities! (contains mentions of my other kinks) 


I don't know if I have any ideas for you, but this is something that interests me, too.

I've only ever explored hypnosis in a non-fetishy way. But I've always felt there's all sorts of fertile ground for interesting recreational stuff. I just don't really have a good sense of what is and isn't feasible.

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