Hey Fediverse, is anyone good at making mods for Tabletop Simulator? I have a fragile, poor-condition copy of an elderly, rare board game. It’s not a good game, but it’s historically interesting and I would like it archived for the good of the world. I have the rules, the parts, and a flatbed scanner; what I don’t have is TTS mod experience or knowledge of the right way to lay out a zillion tiny cards on my scanner and then do I flip them over in place or mirror the layout to get the obverse?

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It’s “The Fellowship of the Ring”, which is essentially an LOTR wargame. It’s... not very playable unless you are used to wargames, and maybe not even then. I bought it for $5 at a flea market in Indiana when I was young; the list price was $8 but I talked the seller down because, well, my allowance was $5.

I knew I’d probably never play it, I just wanted to see what it was and how it worked, and wow did I get exactly what I wanted, it’s a complicated mess. :D

@kistaro Oh sorry, I should have asked first. I apologize even if it was something you wanted boosted.

@Canageek nah, don’t worry about it. I know it matters to some people so asking is a reasonable habit, but if I don’t want something boosted, I don’t post it to public timelines (it’s unlisted or follower locked). I assume random people reading timelines will boost whatever catches their fancy, so anything I post publicly is at least okay to boost.

@kistaro Alright, so as a hobbit you have resistance to bad smells but you have very poor movement speed. You have high wisdom, but this basically only manifests as resistance to psionics. Your main attack is throwing a rock and yelling. Oh no, yelling doesn't actually hurt your enemy, but you have a chance to summon a wizard or other ally to your aid.

@Anarkat This is not far off from the actual rules.

* a party containing only Hobbits can only Sneak and cannot use faster movement
* if you defeat a Ringwraith, it comes back stronger in a few turns; however, the Enemy Player can also have the Ringwraith make a pilgrimage to be upgraded to riding a Fell Beast without the waiting period in a few cells
* random events can indeed summon help
* if Gandalf the Grey dies, he comes back as Gandalf the White in a few turns

It goes on.

@kistaro So it's just playing out the LOTR book series by way of Warhammer.

@kistaro now I'm curious: before or after War of the Ring? *checks* Looks like after, but not by a lot. The SPI game was a major fixture of my tween years.

@kistaro @hardcorenarrativist I’ve made a few — we use it for prototypes. Maybe I could help you put it together?

@urbanfuzzy @hardcorenarrativist oh, cool! I’d appreciate that.

Step 1 is scanning everything. There are a lot of tiny cards with varied card backs. Do I flip them over in place for the second scan, or mirror the entire layout? I know it’s important to align them in a regular grid for TTS’ card sheet snipping.

@urbanfuzzy @hardcorenarrativist ...oops! My scanner is not up to this task - it’s too small for the boards (by about an inch, of course) and the image quality is frankly too low to read the dubiously printed directions. I’m pretty sure I’d have to destroy the direction book in order to save it - it can’t survive being folded all the way back to be scanned, but it would have to be - so I have to wait until I have access to a much better scanner. Sorry. :(

@kistaro I'm pretty sure the jigsaw board images would be on BGG. As for the cards, I'll see if I can do an example of a deck with unique backs that I can send you to use as a reference @hardcorenarrativist

@kistaro with the cards its probably easiest to just lay them out on the scanner, scan them, turn them around n scan again and label ur sheets like 1-1 1-2 if theres stuff on both sides of the card anyway

@kistaro A lot of TTS modding is importing images, tbh. It might be out of date, but there exists a program that will convert a lot of jpegs/pngs into a TTS deck format image. I think the best thing you could do is just get clean, straight scans of each card and they could be easily assembled. As for the reverse side, if it's the same for every card, I would just take the best image and scan it once. If the cards are double sided, scan both sides, and label them clearly.

@kistaro TTS is smart enough to allow for unique backs for every card. I would definitely search and double search for every component of this game before I take any potentially destructive scans, to see if someone's uploaded any pieces of it. You might be able to take it to a print shop (Small business ones are usually cool!) and ask them to scan the board if you can't afford a larger scanner bed.

@kistaro any models that come with, I'd recommend getting nice photos (You CAN do this with a phone camera, you just have to find the advanced settings and keep the dang thing still) of all four sides, and while I can't recreate models, I'm sure you could find a dedicated fan to assist in that regard.

@kistaro Archiving this is totally doable, it's just gonna have a lot of tedium to it (digitally touching up, arranging of images, importing, etc), but here's a resource that might help!
I wish you the best of luck.

@Aethel Cards, boards, and chits. All the playing pieces are dice.

@kistaro sorry, ive no experience in TS :) im asking in case there were some custom models needed, would be a cool modelling exercise.


I would be curious about this too. Preserving my copy of "The Omega Virus" would be ideal.

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