hey science folks! Ever have trouble remembering the names for each layer of biological taxonomy? You know, this one:

Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species

Here's a helpful mnemonic, which I used to remember for this toot!

Donkey Kong, Please Come Over For Gay Sex


@kistaro Do kings play chess on fiber glass stools?

(Bonus mnemonic: How I want a drink, champagne or scotch, after the heavy chapters involving quantum mechanics!)

@kistaro we mustn't have bothered with Domain when I did my degree cos we said "king Philip came over from Germany speedily" never gonna forget this one though 😂

@kistaro I'll never forget "some old hippie caught another hippie trippin' on acid"

fuck that "soh cah toa" noise

nice, I've never heard that one before and it's such an improvement!

As a homeschooling parent covering environmental science this year with my daughter, I thank you on her behalf that we already passed that in the curriculum earlier this year :newlol:

Feels like it needs a cw I guess 

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