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Kel the Purple 🜬

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h0i! I'm Kel the Purple and I'm a dragon :}

more specifically, I'm the nucleus of a , or "plural system"

until recently I was kinda hiding behind my front, Kara Dreamer (@kara), who you can think of as being like a suit of power armor who can do things for me I'm too smol to do myself (yet!)

also in my system: my unicorn frand Mona (@mona) and a friend from , Chara Dreemurr (@chara)

I like to be cute and curious and playful :} hope to play with you too and make new frands! πŸ’œ

πŸ‰ flower show, flower show!! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

πŸ”₯ rar! *puffs out 'i hope flowey isn't there'*

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do you think @kel would make a good operating system

One of those days where I'd gladly trade my freedom in exchange for infinite magical powers to help my loved ones.

Snoot the dragon Resnooted trilogy

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Natural pearls are all iridescent and I wanted to draw something themed around that.
With the queer space rock kind!
#Mastoart #fanart #creativetoots

πŸ‰ *curls up with pizza derg plush*

πŸ”₯rar *watches Robin Hood with @KaylinEvergreen*

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πŸ‰ *lazes on couch slurping cofy* tired derg x}

πŸ”₯ *sprawls out belly up in sun*

πŸ‰ mew

πŸ”₯ *noses gently* rar

πŸ‰ nini frands! and folx who aren't my frands yet :} :} :} *dives for cover of soff fuzzy blankies*

πŸ”₯*rars a bit pensively and closes the one eye she still kept half open*

Kel did I just catching you thinking "I'm cuter than Dot Warner"

don't do that Kel