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Kel the Purple ๐Ÿœฌ

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h0i! I'm Kel the Purple and I'm a dragon :}

more specifically, I'm the nucleus of a , or "plural system"

until recently I was kinda hiding behind my front, Kara Dreamer (@kara), who you can think of as being like a suit of power armor who can do things for me I'm too smol to do myself (yet!)

also in my system: my unicorn frand Mona (@mona) and a friend from , Chara Dreemurr (@chara)

I like to be cute and curious and playful :} hope to play with you too and make new frands! ๐Ÿ’œ

wheeeee what do we explore tonight Kara? :} :} :}

I wish masto had more fine grained permissions

*does a big clean* :Pc
is important to be a clean kitten, mew

*secretly returns's dilithium crystals after xe grabbypawsed them for xer hoard of shinies*

*giggles* we're BAAAAAAACK!! ๐Ÿ’œ

re: compaining about pervasiveness of shipping on AO3 some more (food metaphor) Show more

its not as convenient to use on masto but i do have curiouscat in case anybody feels like shooting questions!!



What the fuck. Three fucking decades. I'm vexed.

morning one-card #tarot draw

deck: Thoth

music: "Walk Like an Egyptian"

and the card is...

...Ten of Cups. "Satiety"

lot of cups cards lately!

certainly had my fill of gnosis lately, phew. time for a break? I tend to be a bit greedy for self-knowledge, and have been guilty of pursuing it at the expense of more outwardly directed duties

saw a little of the new Spyro! he looks cute, like me! :} :} :} but I wish he wouldn't going around burning things *giggles* and I hate to see him flounder in the water :{ :{ :{

eeee Kara's letting me use my own Discord again :} :} :}

so has anyone here ever had dealings with _Arachne_ as a deity / entity #witchyasks #askmastodon #askfediverse

Beetle. I don't recall what kind, but it's an interesting one. #photography #beetle

oh, haven't done #followFriday / #ff dice rolls in a bit, heh

well, let's do that.









(all right, just for the nonce...I will not reroll that last one, even though it's recommending that you follow my own headmate, which seems a bit like cheating)

KITTEN.EXE is the #1 software in mewing ability

current altar setup! represented deities so far: Thoth, Athene, Thor, Loki, Freyja, unnamed spider deity, Toriel, Akemi Homura