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Kel the Purple 🜬

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h0i! I'm Kel the Purple and I'm a dragon :}

more specifically, I'm the nucleus of a , or "plural system"

until recently I was kinda hiding behind my front, Kara Dreamer (, who you can think of as being like a suit of power armor who can do things for me I'm too smol to do myself (yet!)

also in my system: my unicorn frand Mona (@mona) and a friend from , Chara Dreemurr (@chara)

I like to be cute and curious and playful :} hope to play with you too and make new frands! πŸ’œ

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so any #chemistry peeps can recommend good textbooks on adsorption chemistry, with a strong theoretical treatment?

πŸ‰ mew...I should revive my plush account maybe
πŸ”₯ rar? *pokes Kel gently with her giant snoot*
πŸ‰ I wanna do it right :{ I don't do things right...

Me: "I'm a dragon!!"
Haze: "what do you hoard?"
Me: "....... spreadsheets?"

Experimented with washi tape, it's a lot of work but makes for interesting results!

#mastoart #washitape #washiart #dragon #traditionalart

I would like a ring or bracelet that had a toggle-able element on it. something obvious

Petitioning the Unicode Consortium to insist that they need to dedicate an entire plane to dragons.

– πŸ”₯

maybe @kel is just a kobold pretending to be a dragon

do dragons usually play around with molecular orbitals and shit? that seems like more of a kobold thing

πŸ‰ *meanwhile is closing one eye and peering closely at two helium atoms together xe is trying to push together*

πŸ‰ mew! *tumbles out of bed and into a cup of cofy*

i've never been all that happy about the idea of a linux "desktop", not least because of the whole "fifteen different toolkits loaded at the same time and none of them quite work together or in the same way" mess.

so a while ago i switched to flwm (on the VNC server i use from RISC OS, anyway), and honestly that's exactly what i want from unixy systems. simple, does the necessary, stays out of my way otherwise.

now if only everything else used fltk too...

adventures today! saw new things, got some new shinies, including one for a distant friend πŸ’œ

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@InspectorCaracal friend
(image description: caracal ear flicks, at normal speed and in slow motion)

no energy today. limp noodle :{ *splats on ground in a puddle*