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Kel the Purple

Random thought: would anyone want to watch a stream of me working on my comics, with pretty much no attention paid to the chat for quite a while?

Sequel thought: would I actually wanna spend my precious battery life on that

thinking about a light blue fluffdragon right now

Bought a new journal today. Let's not talk about if I needed it or not 🙄 #journaling #stationery

I have to admit final form Freeza is kinda hot

*opens up a bag curiously, finds LOTS of ant frands* oh deer :}

*goes sniffing around the kitchen for noms, saying hi to the ant frands scurrying around the counter* :}

can I just give a happy shoutout to the happy blue derg that appears, so far as I know, _only_ in title materials for "Dragon Ball Z". they're nowhere in the show, I don't think

but just look at that big goofy blue puppy

*floats lazily over the fediverse, with a belly full of Thai food, dangling a long string out of the basket of xer balloon and watching it blow about in the gentle winds*

Choose your own adventure: (9) Calling out into the darkness Show more

*scratches xer head, peering into an unpromising bag of possible shinies* well there might be something here...

*tumbles of xer balloon basket in a heap* hi

(bad joke) how do you tell the difference between a european hedgehog and an american hedgehog Show more

bug frands (wasps) Show more

*climbs sleepily out of xer basket and flops over the side, blinking and peering out over the fediverse* hiii...what's going on folx

dragons in sweatpants Show more

Choose your own adventure: (4) Talking to the Light Elemental Show more