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Kel the Purple 🜬

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h0i! I'm Kel the Purple and I'm a dragon :}

more specifically, I'm the nucleus of a , or "plural system"

until recently I was kinda hiding behind my front, Kara Dreamer (@kara), who you can think of as being like a suit of power armor who can do things for me I'm too smol to do myself (yet!)

also in my system: my unicorn frand Mona (@mona) and a friend from , Chara Dreemurr (@chara)

I like to be cute and curious and playful :} hope to play with you too and make new frands! πŸ’œ

Got new shinies for the hoard!

since there has been a spate of recent #introduction / #introductions, I might as well reintroduce myself (I feel that it's periodically necessary anyway)

I'm Kara Dreamer, the public "front" for a #plural system centered round @kel, a young and very imaginative #dragonkin individual. you can think of me as a sort of power armor that xe constructed for interacting with the world. Kel, myself, unicorn engineer Mona Drafter (@mona) and troublemaker Chara Dreemurr (@chara) comprise the system.

what can the fediverse tell me about the Netflix series "The Good Place"? is it any...good

#askmastodon #askmastodon

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it is difficult to find words to express the feeling of liberation in finally doing stuff that I WANTED to do as a small child, all the stuff that my mom knew but never taught me

it never would have occurred to me to ask...or maybe I did but was rebuffed, I dunno. don't recall

Me: sits down to make grocery list

*five minutes later, I have this*

I was on an early walk and found a guy staring at the telephone wires. I turned to see what he might be looking at, and he held a finger to his lips to quiet me. He whispered, β€œthere’s a mockingbird up there. If you listen, he’ll ring like a bell.”

So we stood there in silence, and then the little bird opened his mouth and sang chimes to us. He rang like a bell.

The stranger and I looked at each other, then smiled and laughed as we went our separate ways. That was a nice way to start a day.

RT Yes but what if Nick Wilde had realistic fox whiskers...


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you know @kel when you switch over to having beetle wings instead of having winged forearms you're not gonna be able to winghug people

ordinary hugs only

✨ Boost if you're an affectionate kitten🐈 who supports their pals when they're down; fave if you're a handsome goat 🐐 who appreciates some love and kindness!!

Happy third anniversary to Undertale! Only two more years until "hey, remember Undertale?" articles start being a thing.

goin' to snooze *curls up with stuffed frands*