I think today... I'll do some worldbuilding for the fantasy world I'm making

worldbuilding, a map 

I drew out the map of the lands for the fantasy world I'm creating

I haven't got many details of the cultures or anything yet, but now I have this map I can more easily work things out.

Each hex in the map is ~250km across, meaning that this map has a total area of

(34 × 250) × (25 × 250) = 53,125,000 km²

which is around the size of Eurasia (assuming I did the maths correctly)


worldbuilding, some assorted details 

* The seas beyond this map are endless in every direction - there are occasional islands, but no other known continents
* In the middle of the map, you'll notice a C shaped island with some smaller islands poking out of the inner curve.These islands are perfectly curved - this is not the natural state of them, but rather the result of a several hundred year project by the kobolds who live there

worldbuilding, the weather 

the weather of this world is shaped like a spiral, alternating between zones of coldness and ice and zones of warmth and humidity, with the spiral centred on the middle of the map


worldbuilding, a digital version of the map 

this entire thing should have been tagged with

worldbuilding, a digital version of the map 

@gwyfyndraig Oh I didn't see this bit yet

If you've not done any further work on it, where do the worlds' rivers run?

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