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i also just today learned that you can make yoshi do a tongue at eye level instead of down low by holding up

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i would like you to know that i only just today realized that the message blocks in super mario world are meant to be speakers and not framed pictures of pineapples

i love when action replay code lists include shit like "start as red faced mario in need of a chiropractor" or "mario drives without benefit of a car"

i would also settle for only seeing likes from folks i follow

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i would really like to see when someone likes my reply to them without also seeing other likes which are noise and none of my business

it would maybe need some extra verbs but twine feels like it's in the hypercard spirit

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hey, i'll bet hyperscript would be a great fit for twine actually??

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thinking about the cursed world of "what about a twine story format where the logic can be run server side"

i know the date's passed now, but bear with me.

the ides of march? i prefer the simple text editor of march

and then homestuck (well, mostly sweet bro & hella jeff) came along and stomped on the remains

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sometimes i think about how homestar runner single handedly ruined my vocabulary

that bein' said i am not sure i am committed enough to All Girls All The Time to ditch gau because he is so fucking good

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she also has natural magic and comes preloaded with a full set of bio spells and a handful of fairly useful curative & effect spells

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turns out with divergent paths it is possible to have a full party of girls. and her special ability is ragnarok's morph!!

i need to replace another 20 pickets and i'm not having it. i fucking hate painting fences. why is the wood so thirsty

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