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impulsively fixing stuff around my parents house to avoid painting these pickets

hey is there a language server for lojban. like autocomplete and shit for editors that speak lsp

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(what i also think is annoying is when lojbanists insist that traditional linguistic categories don't apply to lojban because it is radically different from natural languages. my friend, traditional linguistic categories do not map cleanly onto any natural language; they are broad approximations, which you should be deeply familiar with. also a gismu is a verb)

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i think it's annoying that lojban makes you remember the order of all the parameters for a gismu -> prepositions are just standardized named parameters for verbs

is there a .offline tld because ethically speaking there should be

the evil little piece of me that wants to open a museum of plastic plants

but also this place 100% used to be a big hole in the ground and they filled part of it in to build on top of, so who can say

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the alternative explanation i guess is that this trash got thrown on the ground 30 years ago and erosion buried it before uncovering it again

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i picked up 100 trash today and i am beginning to wonder if this place was built on landfill because every time it rains i find new deposits of half buried trash poking out of the embankment with logos that aren't in use any more

i gotta find an economizer for relm now that i've got the gem box

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i flared the magic master to death because barrier change doesn't affect non-elemental magic. then i died because it deathcasts ultima. so i taught two of my characters life3 by grinding against magic urns for a while and then killed it again >_>

i'm trying to give my husband a basis for comparison because he's played chrono trigger and wanted to know if final fantasy 6 is hard

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so am i correct in saying that chrono trigger is substantially harder than ff6? the floating continent was really hard, but the game has been pretty easy from there on

setting up systemd to stop picom when my computer's on battery power is working out great

and then, because i forgot that the fabric here actually covers part of the hinge, i had to reshape the notches a little bit to accommodate that. now it's a perfect fit, and i am a little more confident with the jigsaw than i was! all that's left is to maybe paint it black, or if i'm feeling really adventurous, maybe upholster it sometime.

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shored up the bottom a bit with these 2x2 pieces that the supports screw into, and even drilled countersinks so the screws sit nice and cozy

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huzzah! no more ass gap when i sleep back hereโ€”and no more tools going missing down the hole either. need to make a couple minor adjustments, but it's essentially done!

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