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my sleeping brain comes up with cooler and more fucked up primordial gods than all of the contributors to lovecraft mythos combined

once again interacting with my grandmother's washing machine and i would just like to say that an inaccurate time estimate is worse than no time estimate

i keep seeing malcolm in the middle on tumblr and it makes me wanna watch it again

and we're good. will probably be well over whatever this is by wednesday

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it's very mild so it's probably nothing but it would be pretty irresponsible not to check

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doing a covid test before my con trip because none of my family wears a damn mask and we've all got sore throats >_>

got a sketch commission from my gm, asked if i could slap some color on it, and uhhhhhh. i think i did more than "slap some color on it". i think i did more than that?

shapes by, colors by me. i could not have dome this without sam's original sketch

animal behaviors such as "misrepresenting reality"

oh i see there is also a thing about jesus in the do section. ok. now i understand. the person who made this is a fucking loon

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i have zero interest in making this game hornier than it already is but god

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the botw mod loader's documentation has a "dos & don'ts" section and one of them is "don't use nsfw mods" lmao

i forgot breath of the wild's english voice acting is not good

looking at botw mods. "reshade" seems to be gamer lingo for "make the game look shitty"

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got the wii u version of breath of the wild running on my steam deck and it's great

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