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the idea of an omnipotent god is not falsifiable, but great grandpa jack the coal miner sure is

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if you think about it ancestor worship is basically fool proof as a religious foundation. oh, you don't believe in ancestors? what are you, a last thursdayist? some kind of history denier?

i downloaded a couple archives of old images and gifs and this one had a small collection of these goofy stamps that i think are from deviantart. love it

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oh my god. i know how to do animation in blender. i could make a shitty 3D header image for my site

anyways i got bored of trying to be original so my video screenshots alt is @possdumpster. i don't tend to post heavy spoilery stuff from new games but still follow at your own risk. i'm not sure how i'd go about tagging them anyways since this is basically two layers of automation by way of a locked twitter account

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currently spinning my wheels because i want to mirror over here and i can't decide on a username

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the worst thing about mastodon actually is that you can't change your username on a whim. this is also the worst thing about a lot of other sites

anyways one of these days i gotta sort through a buch of gifs on and find some bullshit i like to bullshit it up

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fucked up but i sorta like my website just black text on white. it's retro in its own way, and you can't argue with the no bullshit presentation

@anthracite would it be cool if i had an alt here that's just crossposts from the twitter account my switch posts screenshots to, or would you rather i did that somewhere else?

maybe there's a little popup on the receiver's end that lets them choose whether it goes under the covers or on top

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in light of the impending collapse of twitter and the massive influx of new users, i think we need a hate button on here. for when you really hate a post. no more dunk boosts, just click hate and move on

also clicking it just spawns a pissed off centipede in your bed

can't seem to post a screenshot, but this feels like a legit burial. he's laid out on a mat in his boat, decked out in dragonscale armor with his weapons by his side and a tower shield laid across his chest, and there's food and potions and stuff around him

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omg i found this really cool nord burial in morrowind where all the stuff is carefully arranged on his body and i can't use any of this stuff so i feel like maybe i'll just leave him alone. i would almost feel bad taking it

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