cannot read "tdov" as anything but "trans day of violence" sorry


oh you're talking about writing palette twiddling code, not actually drawing the graphics, then?


surely if emulators can emulate the lcd colorspace there could be tools to apply the opposite transformation as part of converting the graphics to a gba friendly format


it should really just be default behavior to emulate the gba's colorspace. like, nes emulators do this. i hate that this has resulted in occasionally patches that i would want to use bundling these color "fixes" so i have to change my damn configuration for them to look right

there are so many rom hacks for gba ports of older games that "fix" the "washed out" colors, but isn't the fault really with the gba emulators for not displaying the colors correctly??

helping my grandfather build a small deck today. i got to dig all the post holes :') i'd post pix but i don't wanna dox myself

no chainsaw emoji so this will have to do โ›“๏ธ๐Ÿงฉ

man i should have taken a photo of my dad's homemade tv antenna. it's ugly but it works great

maybe i need to go hunting for one of those old metal cans

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i hate modern gas cans. the supposed safety spouts always cause me to spill gas everywhere

i also watched a cool mode play through of parappa the rapper and instantly spotted the horse in the audience at the end. i think i might have a problem. also what the fuck is up with parappa the rapper

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it was notable because he is not into my little pony at all

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my husband has been playing earthbound and sending me screenshots but he just grabs the whole desktop because it's easier and he's got loading ready run on in the background while he's playing. i don't know how he does it. but anyways, so i keep getting little glimpses of the videos he watches also and the last one he sent me lrr were playing some mlp fan game and my eyes just immediately zoomed in on the one visibly pony thing on his screen and that was all i saw. i was like cass what is this fucking pony shit you are watching

remember when you could just make a video game about a little guy and call him something the something and that's the name of the game


sounds like there might be some lived experience behind this one

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