my most mundane ass take: pictures of people's mundane ass fursonas having mundane ass sex are good sometimes

still think it's funny that the animaniacs reboot intro changed the "bologna in our slacks" bit so they're dropping it in the back of his pants instead of the front

and oblivion was my first elder scrolls. i love that game! but they played it so fucking safe compared to its predecessor

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cyrodiil could have been a jungle full of god knows what kind of weird shit but instead we got a big ol europe

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in other news i can't stop thinking about morrowind. fascinating design. so much cool & imaginative stuff they just left by the wayside when it came time to make the later games


i hadn't looked for almost two weeks and i decided tonight was a good time to post another "i don't use this site any more find me here" tweet

i had a wicked craving for miso soup and the place i usually get it from was closed so i went to sake express and let me tell you their miso soup is awful. why did i think it would be good


sorry that came out kind of hostile sounding. i am cranky because i looked at twitter for the first time in days and immediately saw elon musk's stupid face on my timeline

that's not a name it's a vaguepost


(this was me asking what you are talking about)


i should have saved the "what anime is this" reply for this one i think


why would you need to tell them if they saw it happen

ooh sonic frontiers is playable on steam deck ...

yelling because i want my steam deck yesterday. need to tamper with that gizmo

re: food, none 


also serious question that will probably sound a bit smart assed: i assume you actually mean "as long as it doesn't come out of an animal"? that is, you would probably not drink goat milk either?

re: food, none 

@troodon @unascribed

oat milk is the one that converted me. i used to just use dairy in my coffee and tea and suffer because i didn't like any of the alternatives, but oat milk is just delicious.

also, the local coffee shop (rip, yesterday was their last day of business) had one specialty latte that had honey in, and with oat milk it tasted very much like honey nut cheerios, which happens to be one of the few cereals i actually like, so that was cool

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