every time i glimpse this album cover in my library i think it's a lady about to dump a huge bucket on some guy's head

i think this was one of the mod-added telvanni councilors but this is still the best response from any of them

i just ran across morrowind from the northwest of solstheim all the way down to a little island at the far southeast of tamriel rebuilt's available area and at one point i stopped to count how many cliff racers were chasing me and i got to like 20 before i couldn't count them any more because they were lined up clear to the edge of my actor draw distance

this giant statue of azura holding a tiny little human sized ring in her two outstretched hands

their take on kobolds is perfect though. S tier. horrid little man.

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i mean it does look nice, but.. so many triangles. there are 19 million triangles. that feels like a lot

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project tamriel put kobolds in skyrim. i wasn't convinced they were a canon part of elder scrolls lore, but as it turns out, they are mentioned in arena,

woah shit. this is the first time i've actually taken a close look at one of these guys' helmets and wwhat the fuck

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this man is a fucking freak lol

"i collect victims of the divine disease" normal thing to say

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