i did however find a cool giant robot that i had to fight!! my reward was some scrap metal and a dwemer coherer.

its behavior was kind of glitchy and the ruin i found it in is kind of on the outskirts of the map, so i assume it's unfinished.

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progress today: we built the frame the chest sits on. my grandfather did all the welding and initial cutting, and i made the bolt brackets and did all the finishing and sanding.

next time we'll build the mount and a couple struts to brace against the bumper for stability, and then all that'll be left is to paint the frame and seal the holes in the chest.


my laptop has a bad ribbon cable and it really hates the color red in particular

bike basket installed :3

my grandfather has every kind of tool you could possibly imagine, so the aluminum plates underneath have threaded holes exactly where i needed them; the lock nuts are mostly there to cover the ends of the bolts and give them a little extra security from rattling out.

god i cannot wrap my head around how skyrim has such a godawful response curve on the right stick. it feels like this

starlight glimmer has a fuckin framed portrait of trixie on her wall. how did i miss this

remember when software asked for permission before sending all your keystrokes to google

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great news for powerpc lovers; ill tidings for folks who don't like my ex boyfriend. i forgot i let him use this thing

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