i wish fewer people used chrome. the google monopoly is so bad

i don't get how this happened. it's not even like, wildly good. it's far more a memory hog than i've ever seen firefox be. and after a hundred releases or something it still can't even handle having more than a few tabs open



same reason internet explorer dominated the market before chrome: it comes preinstalled on 99% of computers. the computers are just phones now

@gutmunchies even on big boy computers chrome is utterly dominating


ok yeah i got nothing for that. maybe just brand recognition?? everybody uses google so google is obviously good, right

@gutmunchies @eevee Here's my explanation: All browsers set Google as their search engine & often homepage.

Google searchresults and homepage (at least used to) include a prominant ad for chrome.

A large enough quantity of users did as the ad requested to kickstart this deathspiral!

@gutmunchies @eevee Does Chrome really come pre-installed on a bunch of desktop computers? Phones, obviously, but I'm surprised about desktop.

@bhearsum @eevee

no, i mean "the computers are phones" literally. more people have a smart phone than have a desktop or laptop

@gutmunchies @eevee @hub

It’s a bit different. #Microsoft was not an online service provider at the IE era. The pre-installation let the websites to only consider IE users.

#Google is not only the developer of #Chrome they are also a big big online service provider, incl maps, email, office, videos. An G service may perform better on Chrome than other browsers

@zhenboli @gutmunchies @eevee yes they were. OWA (Outlook Web Access, ie the web UI for Exchange): need IE. MSDN: need IE. Etc.

And Microsoft tied Office bundle price to ship IE. Like Google does with Playstore and Chrome.

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