i am going to investigate this when i get home later. i don't foresee a lot of scripting on my site but it looks like it'd be nice for a cute gimmick here or there hyperscript.org/


this + htmx (htmx.org/) could make a pretty cool basis for a simple web game. wow


probably not something i have a big use for but very interesting tools that are geared toward progressive enhancement which is something i still believe in

@gutmunchies "progressive" enhancement??? smh at the woke left trying to shove politics into everything

@gutmunchies oh so you're telling me that CSS properties inherit from their parents? seems like a way for the rich text elite to keep ahold of their values. neoliberalism strikes again


next you're going to tell me html tags don't need to be ALL CAPITAL

@gutmunchies why did people do that so consistently, anyway? nobody does it nowadays so it just... changed


i think the switch happened because xhtml (which was The Future And How We Will Be Doing It From Now On, many years ago) explicitly required lowercase tag names and it just stuck.

as for why they were usually all caps before, i have no idea—SGML was never case sensitive, and neither was HTML—but it seems like rendering "computery things" like tags in all caps was kind of the way of things back in the 90s even when it wasn't required?? maybe a cargo cult thing

@gutmunchies yeah it's weird seeing old lisp code with the identifier names in all caps

maybe because text processing used to not distinguish capitalization and was generally rendered in all-caps and the habit just stuck


yeah some old machines did only have uppercase letters. i've heard an anecdote that on at least one of those systems management insisted on uppercase, despite lowercase being easier to read, because then proper nouns would start with a capital letter, but obviously take that with a heaping spoonful of salt lol


although, actually, one thing i have heard about html is that writing the tags in all caps makes them stand out from mixed case human readable text, and i can see that being the reason some folks did it, especially when we were all writing it by hand. i know for my part i only wrote them like that because that was how i learned it lol


this is making me want to write a postprocessor for my static site generator that just uppercasifies all the markup just for old time's sake. i'm using pug templates so i'm not writing html directly and don't have direct control over that, but i think what i'm doing is within the spirit of hand writing it...

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