sorry for the repost, forgot to make this public.

is there a decent rss reader for firefox that doesn't require an external web service?

preferably one that can use firefox sync? i know i just said no external services, shut up

i tried feedbro and it's ok, but
- the ui font is super fucking tiny
- it doesn't detect feed links in the document header without manual intervention
- it doesn't capture clicked feed links so the feed just gets downloded as a file if i click one


i guess the features i need are:
- a thing somewhere that lights up when a page i'm looking at has a feed
- a thing that displays a feed and offers to subscribe to it if i click a link to an atom or rss document
- ui text that does not require a microscope to see

seriously though why is this ui text so small. not just small, but so small the letters get smudged together

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