i can't believe it. i think blender 3.3 is actually even less accessible for basic stuff than 2.7 was


for instance how does one apply a texture? nobody knows. it is literally impossible to do


i feel 1000 years old bitching about this but they really have made discoverability of some stuff even worse. texturing was already annoying but i literally cannot figure out how the hell to apply a texture with the new material system


they used to even have basic texturing if you didn't feel like fucking with materials and now that seems gone too?

@gutmunchies when's the last time you used blender? when i was fucking around with lexy in 3.2 i'm pretty sure i had to use material to do anything

there's not much fucking around to just slap a texture on though, like you get a material by default and you can just assign a texture to it. unless they changed everything in 3.3 lol

@eevee last used was 2.9 but not extensively. i am most comfortable in 2.7, which was just before they started fucking with the ui to make it "easier" (i.e. hiding or removing features i used extensively)

there's nothing about textures in the material tab on 3.3. there's a texture tab that has a drop down to select what the texture slot is for, but the only option for me was brush, which i am 99% sure is for painting

@gutmunchies ok so you're gonna do a yell and you're not wrong because this only makes sense if you're a turbo graphics nerd but

click on the yellow circle next to "base color" and pick "image texture"

@gutmunchies overall i do think it's much better now than it was, i hit bizarre hurdles like "how do i make this fucking window go away" or "what did i even just do" far far less. this is just uh. unintuitive.

like it's really saying where the base color comes from as opposed to other kinds of color the shader uses, and once you know that then a bunch of stuff becomes potential magic

@eevee it's just not for me. i have a workflow and i am familiar with 2.7 because of i have spent hundreds of hours with it and i don't want or need any of the new features. but i do want the old features that are inexplicably gone or moved

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