i did however find a cool giant robot that i had to fight!! my reward was some scrap metal and a dwemer coherer.

its behavior was kind of glitchy and the ruin i found it in is kind of on the outskirts of the map, so i assume it's unfinished.

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if there actually is Much Substance and i have simply failed to locate it i apologize

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tamriel rebuilt has failed to compel me the way vanilla morrowind did. it has a lot of neat setpieces and not much substance

morrowind is now officially the only elder scrolls game where i've actually completed the main quest

i know there are dwemer automata all over the place in morrowind but i wasn't prepared to find like fuckin anime mecha parts

i love how in morrowind there are plants with such magical properties as "knowing where your keys are"

remembering a time one of my friends added a bunch of popular twitch emotes to the banned words list for her channel and how fucking funny that was

contrary to vvardenfell which has roads and transit, solstheim is fucking impossible to find your way around. there are very few recognizable landmarks, no roads to speak of, and trees Fucking Everywhere

oh whoops, no, the problem is the mount point of my sd card changed. annoying

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ah, openmw updated and now it breaks if the save folder is a symlink. cool

i was telling a story about playing it under wine and not being sure if that was a wine bug or just how the game is, and i was like, i have this vivid memory of killing a wolf out in the wilderness and the damn thing just tumbling down the hill and (starts banging on the table my microphone is attached to) and that sure got a reaction lmao

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talking about oblivion's total lack of distance fall off for collision sounds

astrid's code of ethics can be summed up as follows:
1. no gods no masters
2. when an old woman speaks, you listen

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