your cards are the 6 of crabs, the 12 of sevens, and the chevalier of jorts

fuck that little man that peels your fingernails if you don't huff his aerosolized pig leather or whatever

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let me be clear i like when a puppet looks like it will hurt you but is in fact completely harmless. i hate when a puppet will actually hurt you that shit is done to hell

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i am a person who likes bad things, like clowns and marionettes, but like the ones that are creepy and fucked up looking but not in an edgy way

unless you consider "searching for a mod by name might turn it up two or three pages down the results list" to be useful

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cool the new curseforge beta site seems to allow filtering by both mod loader and minecraft version at the same time and also the search is still completely fucking useless

can't stop thinking about "caillou is NOT a real fireman"

i have fox flux deluxe downloaded on my steam deck, it appears to work, and after i get some supper i am going to sit down and play it

i loaded up tweetdeck to post my irregular where to find me reminder, and my timeline has really slowed down over there

tbh: to be honest
tbd: to be dishonest
tbqh: to be questionably honest

how do folks find piercing places that do genitals. the one i went to for my lips & ears does not do them

thinking about just quitting social media altogether. i feel like more and more of a weird nuisance here and i get nothing out of it since i quit the site that 99% of the folks i know used

saying this mostly to try and internalize it. i do this all the time and it's never helpful

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i should probably just not try to encourage folks or give advice about software because my needs are so disconnected from anything reasonable

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