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Messengers I have and will give you the info for if we are friends 

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Understanding and interactions guide, please read. Will be updated as time goes on, feel free to check back πŸ™‚ 

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I filter most ableist words by the way, just incase you ever want to talk to me or are replying to me, thanks.

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About me, start here, diet, neurodiversity, sexuality, politics, personal beliefs and opinions, things I enjoy etc. 

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Pronoun, title, compliments etc Check 

Do not sexualise anyone or anything unless:

You know them/it and they/it wants to be sexualised by you and they have made that unequivocally clear to you and even then if they want you to stop you must do at any moment.

Linux Mint Upgrading 

Linux Mint Upgrading 


Morning everyone, my heart still metaphysically and metaphorically hurts yet feels empty too.

Today's mood so far: Frustration and furious indignation

Just a reminder that Major Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the shell is trans.

I fade away into the noise
I try to scream and rise above it all
Because I don't have a choice
But evetually I always fall

Down into the dark pit of despair
Maybe I can find others there
We can all hold hands and show each other we care
And build ourselves a friendly lair

Our hearts beat slightly faster as we touch skin to skin
Nothing lewd though it's just holding hands
Can I call you a friend, a partner, a kin?
Roll the dice and see where it lands?

The more we roll, the more we gain
So let's go with no hesitation
And pick each other up when there's too much pain
Let's head for the sky, into space, and aim to make it for a new constellation πŸ˜‰

Facts about me, jobs, working 

Facts about me, jobs, working 

I can't yet they act like I can

I just want a better world for everyone, but they tell me no

Why am I here?

Why am I anywhere?

Is there a point?

Can I just be?

Why is it like it is?

Can someone take the bad stuff away?

Can someone take the struggle away?

Can more people notice me?

Will I always be lost in the noise?

Will my words forever fall to the pavement already covered with the wet sorrows of those who went nowhere?

Will I remain broken, lost, with the ability to do nothing because I am not taught how?

Will this place always crush in on all sides of me, denying me the ability to just breath?

Will I have to fall and have no-one to catch me?

Going back to what I hated every second of?

Will I just fade away?

My atoms turning to dust in the wind?

Will I ever get the body I want?

United Kingdom Politics, Corona virus, Covid-19, very negative 

Relationship Anarchist pickup lines/friending lines 

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