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About me, start here, diet, neurodiversity, sexuality, politics, personal beliefs and opinions, things I enjoy etc. 

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Pronoun, title, compliments etc Check 

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Messengers I have and will give you the info for if we are friends 

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Understanding and interactions guide, please read. Will be updated as time goes on, feel free to check back πŸ™‚ 

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I filter most ableist words by the way, just incase you ever want to talk to me or are replying to me, thanks.

Menstruation, anti-terf rhetoric, abuse 

Swearing re: Star Trek Discovery Season Three Episode Two minor spoilers 

Star Trek Discovery Season Three Episode Two minor spoilers 

Happy International Pronouns Day!

My pronouns (Goodberry) are fae or she only.

I do not use any other third person personal pronouns for myself such as they, at least in English, so please do not use them. In other languages I prefer the closest pronouns to she/her if it has them, thank you.

If you feel comfortable doing so then please feel free to share your pronouns with me and if again you're comfortable and find it easy to do so then consider putting some pronouns in your bio so that it's normalised. If you can't for any reason you are still valid πŸ™‚

On deadnaming, misgendering and using the wrong pronouns for people intentionally 

Our System pronouns and genders 

Podcasts I like 

On consent 

In case people weren't aware it's international pronouns day this wednesday, so if you use pronouns then be aware πŸ™‚

Insults meta, subtoot 

Question about what horror movies to watch, boosts and especially replies encouraged 

Star Trek Discovery season three episode one, no spoilers 


Music/Album I like 

Funny Quote from The Witcher Series, pee 

Trauma thoughts 

Trauma thoughts 

This isn't to anyone in particular but please do not subtoot me ever. If you want to call me out, call me in or say nice things to me, feel free to at or message me, I'm quite approachable. Thank you.

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