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Looking for linux distro recommendations 

Anyone know of good Linux distros that are beginner-friendly, but aim to expose the user to and teach them about what makes Linux different from Windows, rather than paper over it in an attempt to be "familiar"? I could have sworn there was one with a built-in command line tutorial or something that I heard about a while back, but I forget what it was called.

This wouldn't be for me. It would be for someone who could easily contact me with questions if they need help.

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Hey folks, i need some recommendations for queer fiction!

Know of a good author making wonderful queer fiction? Let me know!

Im looking for diverse stories featuring queer characters, but i really wanna avoid sex scenes or sexually charged narratives (im too ace and traumatized for that).

I really love sci fi and fantasy novels and series, and just finished reading the Gideon the Ninth series. Bonus points if it features disabled and/or neurodiverse characters!

Boosts very welcome!

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Christmas + 

I was just telling my family about NORAD Santa Tracker, live now:

And reading aloud its origin story:

general questions about VR 

Would someone please direct me to (a) solid primer(s) on current VR hardware and software, guides for buying equipment, what's possible to do in it (for end-users, not coders), and how to create things in it?

I'm asking for resources that the VR community already likes for being highly useful and shares by word of mouth, not stuff from the front page of a Google search.

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reason 2 wear masks even after covid 

:verified: be like other countries, wear them when ur sick :dragnheart:
:verified: conventions. sick of yearly con crud? wear a cute mask :dragnheart:
:verified: wear them during winter and avoid flu! maybe even help end the flu epidemic itself!! :dragnheart:
:verified: don't let genetics control ur face. make face look how u want it with Mask Power :dragnheart:
:verified: defeat government facial recognition :dragnheart:

about cw's, and about cw'ing Christmas 

"Needing" a cw can be for your own reasons that you determine, whether they're super serious, or just because. Needing Christmas cw'd doesn't have to be because Christmasy stuff brings flashbacks about when a family member died or other deeply serious reasons like that. (That's bound to be super common, if you think about it.) It's also okay to say "no thanks" to things just because you personally don't like them. It's okay to ask for a cw because you like it best if you can opt into it when or if you want. It's important to be able to do that, because that's .

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Do any of you need Christmas cw'd? (I'm going to cw it, in any case.)

A game that is the reverse of Animal Crossing might look like this: you have to play an animal. You're not allowed to be human, because all the NPCs are represented as humans. The human NPCs run the town, not you. You just wander around and make mischief, spreading some chaos in their efforts to build order.

I was trying to picture it, and realized that kind of describes Untitled Goose Game.

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I spent a day watching fox videos on you tube and realized foxes have vertical slit pupils! I looked up what animals have vertical slits and found it was cats, foxes, geckos, alligators, vipers and some species of birds. They are predators which are low to the ground and the vertical slits offer advantages. I had heard foxes had canine hardware and feline software, but they have some hardware mods, too - the vertical slit pupils, and some have retractable claws!

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today i discovered that you can update your phone number in Paypal, including deleting your old phone number... but if you have that phone number set as a 2FA device, it will continue to be so set until you explicitly remove it.

fortunately, i was just rejuggling SIMs, rather than changing my phone number because the old one was gone; but something to beware of if you have a phone number as your only 2FA device - change in 2FA first!

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covid-19 boosters, US, go go go 

The FDA and CDC have both approved booster shots for *all adults* in the US.

Go go go!

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money (-), help needed 

Hey, my mental health has been really bad lately and I haven't been able to take on any more commissions, which means until my partner starts getting income from their new job, we have no income and we're running dangerously low. I'm really sorry :(

I'm gonna try to get myself together enough to start taking on comms again in the next week if I can ><

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Help Cobalt Get A Safe Home fundraiser

I know y'all are broke folks, but if you could boost this that'd be great. 💙

I'm trying to escape from a stressful/sometimes verbally abusive home situation, because having to keep falling back on my shitty defenses and bad coping mechanisms is keeping me from working on my boundary issues and just generally becoming the person that I want to be.

My escape plan is to get a cheap van conversion and live in that, but even the cheapest vans are more than I have money for, and I'm disabled enough that it's very hard for me to earn money. Still, I found a van that I really love, and I'd love to be able to get it.

Please help a Black, indigenous, homeless, or home-insecure person first! I don't feel emotionally safe but I am not physically insecure, and I have food. I'm just trying to reach for a life that feels like more than survival.

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here's a local review of Owamni, the Sioux Chef's restaurant, where they serve decolonized food. it's good.

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If you're wondering why I try to not call anyone psychopathic or the like, I found this that will explain a lot of things:

Please read it.

TIL sabretooth tigers (Smilodon) went extinct in the Americas around the same time that people domesticated potatoes and squash. I had thought that smilodon lived a lot longer ago than that.

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Hidden Dragon, Anxious Townsfolk: A Game

Author: Page
Words: 1,920
Summary: A GM-less solo RPG where you, a dragon, try to sneak into a human festival for some good ol' fashioned partying. Don't get caught! Requires a six-sided die and a deck of cards.

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