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Are you using a screen reader to access Mastodon?

Facebook, whistleblower 

Hey, pals who are Pagan, what's your opinion of the forum at

In a study of US high schoolers in Pittsburgh, 9.2% of teens didn't identify as either male or female.

(This stands in great contrast with other studies because the methodology wasn't shit)

List of ASMR youtube links where the listener is a dragon 

trans hrt, diy, question, :BoostsOkAndMuchAppreciated: 

Two new pages of my comic about , "Theri There," in which the self cat day concludes. View the full size comic, transcript, and comments at:

I added a new section on my site for my interactive projects, currently including just "Life Timeliner," and "Block Many Yucky Sites."

I'm looking for a flu mask with a dragon snoot printed on it that looks like me. Have you seen any especially good ones around lately?

cartoon violence 

cartoon violence 

I do enjoy pressing this instance's "rar" button, and saying "rar" out loud when I do.

I just finished inking two pages for this weekend's "Theri There."

Is there a tutorial about how to export all your Mastodon activity to an offline backup that is human-readable, for people who aren't coders?

Would you like to chip in a couple of £/€/$ to help me upgrade my tech so that I can run the Gender Census again in 2022?

New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work, continued.
Discussion thread at:
If you like it, you can buy me a coffee:

I need help and boosts are welcome!

So I want to include books by and about Romani people, especially because they are one of the most overlooked demographics where I live.

But it's... not easy to find books *by* Romani (or just GRT) authors. The only one I've found (and ordered for my personal collection) has been The Color of Smoke.

Does anyone know of any others?

I spent a day helping to maintain a 3000-year-old hillside chalk monument with a group from Long Now London. Crushing chalk into the ground with a hammer was so satisfying that I kept forgetting to enjoy the view, and I had some great conversations with the interesting people that the task attracted (including @mdales)

Here's a writeup with photos from the previous excursion:


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