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I spent a day helping to maintain a 3000-year-old hillside chalk monument with a group from Long Now London. Crushing chalk into the ground with a hammer was so satisfying that I kept forgetting to enjoy the view, and I had some great conversations with the interesting people that the task attracted (including @mdales)

Here's a writeup with photos from the previous excursion:


<< For George Herriman's birthday, the panel in which Krazy Kat changes gender three times:

Herriman described Krazy as being like an elf: having no gender, but willing to be either. And while Krazy loves Ignatz best, he/she/they also isn't sure whether to marry a man or a woman.

And this all was in a comic that ran from the late 1910s through the early 1940s. >>

I finished inking a page of Theri There for next Friday as well. Let's see if I can keep up a weekly schedule for a while.

New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work.
Discussion thread at:
If you like it, you can buy me a coffee:

New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work.
Discussion thread at:
If you like it, you can buy me a coffee:

plurality erasure in professional psychology, twitter link 

gender is a coin that everyone said was gonna land on heads or tails but i turned mine into one of those pressed pennies from the museum. it’s got a dinosaur on it

i was thinking last night, after anxiously remembering i still need to contact my psych, that there should really be a role of “healthcare advocate”.
navigating healthcare websites, insurance lists, making appointments, getting paperwork shuffled around, this is a wholeass job. i wish there was someone with a career around just getting people the care they need and making sure everything is running smoothly and they can pick up their meds, or get that checkup in a timely manner.

hrt (+) 

hrt (+) 

non-vegetarian food, animal crossing 

dysphoria + 

dysphoria + 

Playing "Secret Little Haven" reminded me of friends I had online when I was a teenager and lost contact with as we grew up. Some of those friends had mentioned scary stuff about what they were facing in their home life, like what the kids face in this game. I hope they're doing well now.

the scottish play 

queer jargon, English language history, long (warning for sexism in history) 

I am newly reminded that I'm sad that modern English has largely eliminated six of its nine major prepositional locative adverbs. Each had a prefix indicating the place and a suffix indicating the direction:

h-: "this place"
th-: "that place"
wh-: "what place?"
-ere: "in such a place"
-ence: "from such a place"
-ither: "to such a place"

The surviving forms, of course, are "here" ("in this place"), "there" ("in that place"), and "where" ("in what place?"). But we used to have

hence: "from this place"
hither: "to this place"
thence: "from that place"
thither: "to that place"
whence: "from what place?"
whither: "to what place?"

and I think our language is poorer for their elimination.

trans jargon 

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