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voice resources for trans people on T 

let's make a thread about delicious food 

let's make a thread about delicious food 

let's make a thread about delicious food 

The TV adaptation of the Motherpeace Tarot might not *officially* be Xena, but...

so, what poem has made the top of your head feel like it's been taken off lately?

Which dictionary websites are the best, and which are the worst, in your opinion?

"Pseudonym" is a weird word for what it is. All names are made up, so there isn't really such a thing as a false name. Not even for Brontosaurus.

Tolkien, long 

question about whether the Tolkien fandom has made... 

Bilbo Baggins would be an especially good name for a...

highlighting materials for Earth Day the bundle for racial justice and equality 


gender-neutral words for a beloved 

Xena cookbooks 

violence (not current) 

I just found another game in the bundle that might be blind-friendly. It's a dungeon-crawl that is strictly an audio game. It's called "The Dark by Eric Koziol."

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome Amiibo 

mutual aid, trans, The Uplift Fund 

buffy the vampire slayer, morbid humor 

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