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I gather that you don't know that many words yet, but what do you say if I say xyzzy?

@DragonKuurrhoirKoorkoor Hi, hello, greetings, and well met, dragon Kuurhoir Koorkoor. How are you?


ack! thanks. fixed. I have an injured hand this week. :dragn_sweats:

Black History 

@troodon Hi, I was just thinking about pruning my turkey fig tree, and putting the cuttings in pots to root them. If that works out, would you be interested in having a little fig tree in a five gallon bucket to keep on your balcony? Figs are supposed to grow well in pots in this climate.

Viewing a person's birth name as their "real name" is a Western colonialist concept.

Wouldn't it be fun if there was a Far Side Tarot? The Magician could be "Cow Tools." That would imply that each of the suits would be a different cow tool, though. Then it might be too inscrutable to be a practical oracle, but its inscrutability would be part of the joke.

Is there a reason why I should put my age in my bio instead of just "grownup"? I feel like "grownup" answers the question of whether I'm a minor, and that's about all that *needs* to be known to strangers, afaik.


We finally migrated and updated our personal website! invisibleotherkin.neocities.or

If you've been debating making yourself a personal site, consider this your sign. Especially if you're alterhuman-- WereLibrary is back online and collecting website links and resources.

Hey, I just saw this short comic that I think has some of your favorite flavors of "video games plus profound mystical feelings"?

One last push before I start properly gearing up for this year's survey - does anyone have a spare £/€/$ for the Patreon crowdfunding pot? :)

A hair salon or barber is a place you go to experience the horrifying abyss that lies between who you know yourself to be and what other people perceive you to be. Learning to cut your own hair is learning to describe yourself in your own words.

climate change 

question about using birdsite 

I wish that the way that worked, I could just give it a rule, like "only play songs from the last 10 years." (Its "2010s" stations turn out to be based around artists rather than dates.) Is there some other service that does something like that?

I want there to be a dragon emoji that looks pretty much just like this :V with its mouth wide open yelling at the sky.

I was dreaming that the latest online game where players trade & breed pets-- like Flight Rising or Horse Isle-- was one where you breed cars. Red paint & tailfins were sought-after recessive genes.

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