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Here's a list of notable people who identify outside the Western gender binary. It's a big list, but there are still a lot of individuals missing from it who should be in it, like Leslie Feinberg. It's a work in progress.

Happy #InternationalPronounsDay / #PronounsDay!

We posted our report on the pronouns question of the international 2020 Gender Census (>24,000 participants) recently:

The most popular pronoun among binary-defying respondents was singular they at 78%.

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Ugh, I accidentally got sucked into reading creepypasta before bed! What can I do to shake it off so I can sleep soundly?

New icon! Old icon attached, so you know who I am. I changed it here & there to look better when displayed at different sizes, & to look more like my usual art style.

Is there a "does the dog die" but for "is this writer a terf"?

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I forgot to ask. Anyone want to buy me a bit of cake for cake for trans friends day? :dragn_mlem: It has moreover been declared by my instance admin to be day, since it's also the instance's birthday, and I am trans and a dragon. Here's my ko-fi where you could put in some dough: 💚

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Has anyone else out there on the fediverse ever been a member on the forum site that used to be attached to back in the later half of the 00s? I'm trying to find other people who were posters on that forum site, and I figure the fediverse is as good a place as any to start looking again.

New post: "Hi, DreamWidth."
An explanation of why Mastodon & DW are two of the most humane social media platforms. Then I tell what I've been up to lately, which doubles as introducing myself.

this is the last possible image i expected to be reposting with captions, but the information seems too important not to share

a free font from the braille institute with increased readability for people with different levels of visual ability

Who are some cool Patreon creators you've found out about? I'm especially looking for ones involving research, otherkin, or comics. I want to promote some in my own Patreon creator about page.

rice bowl recipe I made up (not vegetarian, but it'd work with a substituted ingredient) 

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