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The fourth annual #CakeForTransFriendsDay (aka #TransCakeDay) is in one week, on 14th October! Cis people, be ready to make/buy cakes for your #trans friends. :D

(It made it onto the Holidays page of the Nonbinary Wiki - fame!

covid-19 tip 

The alternative limb project explores how prosthetics offer an opportunity to have highly invented wearable art pieces.

@InvaderXan have you seen this?

the "how to live on low income" wiki 

the "how to live on low income" wiki 

Admin stuff: possible defederation. 

I feel like some trans interpretations of The Matrix could tie in with those details really beautifully somehow.

Everybody knows-- especially now that there's been a movie based on this point-- that in the illustration of the Jabberwocky, the brave knight is really a heroic version of Alice, based on the long hair. Even though the poem calls the hero a son. But I've never heard anybody point out that the Jabberwock is really a twisted version of the White Rabbit, based on the teeth and the waistcoat.

I'm starting to read this free e-book about trans-masculine medical transition, written by a trans man who is a doctor. It's from 2005, so it's a little out of date, especially the parts about what is now called the WPATH.

alt+h was featured in an article about otherkin and alterhuman acceptance on the daily dot!!!!

Oh neat, there are little changes and surprises in "A Short Hike" after you've climbed the peak. Different conversations.

why you should get the flu vaccine and why that relates to covid-19 

question about trans health care in the greater Seattle area 

Where do I go on the Internet nowadays to listen to a human-curated song list, a list which is kind of small and different from what's on the radio? Something like the channels on Live365, or the mixtapes on 8tracks?

l'Shana tovah to all who celebrate the head of the year today. May 5781 be a kinder year than the one before.

covid risk calculator 

Does anybody want a cute little black cat? She is friendly and reasonably well behaved. My girlfriend picked her up off the street. She does not have any health issues, but may be pregnant and so can't be spayed or vaccinated and you also may actually be receiving several cats if you take her. I understand that it is not an overly appealing offer but she will likely be headed to a shelter soon if we can't find another home for her. We are in Rochester, NY

Please recommend any books, sites, or Youtube videos about forming a healthier understanding of masculinity, men, and manhood? Especially if it isn't cis-het centered? I have "Female Masculinity" on my reading list, but I'm going to need more. (Some mythic/pagan ones would be neat, to balance the Goddess spirituality books that I kind of like.)

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