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@troodon Have you seen this fanart series where somebody invented a whole Gallifreyan culture where they're dragons instead (and therefore MUCH cooler)?

Call for help: In order to talk to my grandma I need an extremely simple device on which video calls run and which, after being switched on, immediately dials into a excising #Jitsi room. Is there such a thing? Has anyone ever built / flashed something like this ? Challenge: It has to be really easy to use for a non technical person, without any help. RTs are welcome! #followerpower

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have a little bjenny montero to brighten your spirits

Since everyone is talking about free video games, if you have an epic store account, there are 3 super cute (and I think non violent for 2 of them?) game for free for now ^w^ (100% price reduction)

okay so you might have heard that a lot of games on are generously being put on sale or going completely free to download/claim to help keep people busy during self-isolation. to make things a bit easier for poor folks like me who cant really afford to buy video games, i've made an (almost) complete list of the games that are completely free

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@InvaderXan Pardon, you're Mastodon's resident expert on plants and sci-fi plant-creatures, right? Would you happen to know where I could find the interview where Steven Spielberg said that E.T. is a botanical ecosystem unto itself, and so neither male nor female? I've been searching for it all day, and I've only found secondary sources confirming that he did say it, but not the interview itself.


I found a comment on a Wikipedia talk page from 2012 where somebody else referred to Spielberg saying that during an interview, but they didn't cite a source. -_- Well, at least now I know 1) I'm not mis-remembering, that interview did happen, and 2) the interview happened sometime prior to March 2012.

I remember an interview where Spielberg answered the question of whether E.T. was a boy by saying that E.T. isn't a boy or girl, but an entire botanical ecosystem unto itself. I can't seem to find that interview online. Can anyone please help me find this source so I can cite it?

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i've put together a list of hundreds (!) of open source, experimental, and tiny tools for interactive, web, and game development

this rose out of my weird tools games class, where we have been talking about walled gardens, the politics and aesthetics that tools carry with them, the edges of “tool” and where it intersects with “game” or “playful media” and how much a tool can say about its maker

(but i also thought this resource might be particularly useful now ~)

Support your Fedifriends! 💙 ✨

If you're a creator making things that people can enjoy from the comfort of their home right now, please leave your links below!

Games, art, books, music ... anything!

Free or paid -- a lot of people are going through tough times right now and if buying your stuff will help you, don't be afraid to share it!

a collection of covid-19 resources 

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