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This photo of the actual original stuffed animals from Winnie-the-Pooh kind of gives me the shivers. It's really them!

Washington Post did an article about the Public Universal Friend, the genderless evangelist who lived in the early US, about 200 years ago. Two things in this article I haven't seen before:

1) A painting of the Friend, this one presumably from life.

2) "...someone asked if the Friend identified as either male or female ... The Friend simply replied: 'I am that I am.'"

I stumbled across this series of posts recommending queer sci fi and fantasy novels. The summaries are really fun and intriguing. Below the slideshow, there are links to other posts in the series recommending specific kinds of queer rep in sf/f novels: aromantic, asexual, trans, f/f, by authors of color, etc. I hadn't heard of most of these books, and I've looked for this kind of stuff before with little success, so these are exciting posts.

Hummingbirds keep flying up to the window and looking longingly at our flowering indoor plants. Like Dickensian children. We just ordered a hummingbird feeder.

hey this is a bit of a silly toot but I'm looking for a couple of old friends who moved to the Fediverse a while ago who we lost touch with

they're part of the same plural system, and their tumblr handles were lizardywizard and arashi-of-ota.

"Excuse me, are you a Miss or a Mr.?"

"Well, let's see, I have been known to be too late to catch trains, but then again, it's also the case that I do like to make a fine mist."

How are my dragons doing today?

@dodec Have you seen these drawings of snake people creatively wearing boots? They made me think of you, because they seem like the kind of thing that you like.

trans humor (~) 

a recommended trans book (+) 

asking for help, boosts OK 

zen koan 

Brought to you by realizing that to me, 251 seems mostly red because 5 is in the tens place, whereas 215 is mostly silvery white because 1 is in the tens place, which changes the 2 to a more intense black and the 5 to pink. I don't know why my brain made up rules that were so complicated. You would think the numerals would stay the same color no matter what column they're in, and what numerals are with them.

Like fridge magnets, which are thought to be how most people end up with letter-color associations:

Folks with - have you ever been able to change the associations that you have with certain glyphs? I want to try to change the color associations I have with numbers, so that they're more logical. I'm concerned that might be something that can't be changed, at least not without making a confusing mess.

futuristic unisex sci-fi name generator (cw: rude words) 

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