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re: general questions about VR 


Boosts are ok.

general questions about VR 

Would someone please direct me to (a) solid primer(s) on current VR hardware and software, guides for buying equipment, what's possible to do in it (for end-users, not coders), and how to create things in it?

I'm asking for resources that the VR community already likes for being highly useful and shares by word of mouth, not stuff from the front page of a Google search.

reason 2 wear masks even after covid 

:verified: be like other countries, wear them when ur sick :dragnheart:
:verified: conventions. sick of yearly con crud? wear a cute mask :dragnheart:
:verified: wear them during winter and avoid flu! maybe even help end the flu epidemic itself!! :dragnheart:
:verified: don't let genetics control ur face. make face look how u want it with Mask Power :dragnheart:
:verified: defeat government facial recognition :dragnheart:

@Verdigris @jacel

Oh my gosh! That sounds like a scary experience. I'm grateful that you got through that, too.

resources on how to use your mind's eye 

@gryphon @anthracite

Maybe James Gurney's books about how to paint? They talk a lot about how to translate actual forms into representations of them. Using your mind's eye happens in between there.

New Age books and audio about creative visualization and guided meditation sometimes have pretty good exercises for learning how to use your mind's eye.

The most direct one I've seen is neither New Agey nor artsy, and it's for kids, "The Book of Think: Or How to Solve A Problem Twice Your Size." It's full of exercises for getting better at using your mind's eye. Mostly that looks like "try to imagine the route you walk from your house to the corner store, before and after you walk it in real life, and try to count the houses or light posts and stuff," and "try to imagine the taste of your favorite food."

A lot of using your mind's eye is about getting used to retrieving sensory memories when you want them. Even people who can already use their mind's eye can get better at it with actual practice. Even though there are some people who have a disability where they genuinely can't do it, visualizing is a learned skill that some people start out with more talent or have had more occasion to practice it.

what to do about a bird attacking its reflection in a window 


You could experiment with that, so long as you're sure that's a dry-erase marker. I can see how doing something on the outside of the window might be better at disrupting the reflection.

Come to think of it, just making the window a bit dirty on the outside might be the safest way to stop it from being so mirror-like, and you can count on being able to wash that off.

about cw's, and about cw'ing Christmas 


That's a good point, that's another thing that can be done, too.

Sometimes people talk about Christmas without using that word, so the cw still helps to make sure that filter works.

@human_dude @quinn

You haven't read Dinotopia yet?? Oh wow, it sounds like you'll love it! It's meant to look like the actual sketch diary carried by the travelers. It was inspired by the author's real experience of hitch-hiking cross-country with a friend, painting pictures of everything they saw, so it really captures that feeling.

about cw's, and about cw'ing Christmas 

"Needing" a cw can be for your own reasons that you determine, whether they're super serious, or just because. Needing Christmas cw'd doesn't have to be because Christmasy stuff brings flashbacks about when a family member died or other deeply serious reasons like that. (That's bound to be super common, if you think about it.) It's also okay to say "no thanks" to things just because you personally don't like them. It's okay to ask for a cw because you like it best if you can opt into it when or if you want. It's important to be able to do that, because that's .

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@human_dude @quinn

Another utopia travelogue book that feels similar to Herland, Ecotopia, and Sultana's Dream in that respect is the first book of Dinotopia.

Do any of you need Christmas cw'd? (I'm going to cw it, in any case.)


It's probably because of reflections on the window. He thinks he's attacking another little bird who looks exactly like him and is in his territory. Some windows happen to have had glazing treatments that don't look any different to humans but that birds get especially upset about. Put some big stickers on the window. You can find DIY instructions for making effective ones out of black trash bag plastic and tape and cutting them out in scary hawk shapes. If that quick fix isn't a good aesthetic for keeping around, there are special kinds of stickers for this you can buy that are UV reflective, that are totally see-through for humans, and opaque to birds.


Oh yeah, SimAnt counts too, doesn't it? Good brainstorming, thanks. I feel like I came up with some other surprising examples of this when I was thinking about it in the middle of the night one time, but I forget...

A game that is the reverse of Animal Crossing might look like this: you have to play an animal. You're not allowed to be human, because all the NPCs are represented as humans. The human NPCs run the town, not you. You just wander around and make mischief, spreading some chaos in their efforts to build order.

I was trying to picture it, and realized that kind of describes Untitled Goose Game.


That's an interesting study for creature design in fantasy and science fiction. They found that vertical slit pupils are useful specifically for small ambush predators who are low to the ground, and wouldn't be useful at all for larger predators like lions and tigers, so they don't have them. That means huge scary fantasy monsters realistically should never have slit pupils. (Unless if somebody decides it just looks cooler to draw them that way, which is the final rule of creature design. It's just for fun, when you get down to it.)

I spent a day watching fox videos on you tube and realized foxes have vertical slit pupils! I looked up what animals have vertical slits and found it was cats, foxes, geckos, alligators, vipers and some species of birds. They are predators which are low to the ground and the vertical slits offer advantages. I had heard foxes had canine hardware and feline software, but they have some hardware mods, too - the vertical slit pupils, and some have retractable claws!

today i discovered that you can update your phone number in Paypal, including deleting your old phone number... but if you have that phone number set as a 2FA device, it will continue to be so set until you explicitly remove it.

fortunately, i was just rejuggling SIMs, rather than changing my phone number because the old one was gone; but something to beware of if you have a phone number as your only 2FA device - change in 2FA first!

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These are the things that I never will learn”

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