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People try to grow palm trees in Seattle in order to pretend they've brought a vacation home with them, but palm trees in this London-like climate zone don't do anything other than project a pitiful Dickensian waif energy.


Yeah, the bats just need to sign up for 23andMe.

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Huh? If there's another post in this thread, I don't have access to it.


Damn, that's just what I should do with these, too. So far I generally haven't had the guts to do so.

"Are you male or female?" is phrased as a yes or no question. Leaving it blank is the appropriate way to say "No!"

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Funny thing when I got my new ID card. The DOL asked me if anything on it should change. I said yeah, I'd grown a little taller since my first ID as a teenager, or maybe I just hadn't measured it perfectly last time. So they updated my height on my new ID. They just... did it! They didn't check me with a ruler, or ask for a letter from a doctor confirming my height, or anything!

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Autumn in Colorado is just when you flicker the switch really fast between summer and winter.


Out of context, this chart can be mistaken for a matrix full of a lot of frantic yelling, protesting, and adult content warnings.


Wow... your studio is more your style than I could have imagined! ✨

I like how you're using your skull as a headphone rest. I might have to do that with mine.


Man, Calvin & Hobbes was so next-level. It didn't have to be so much what it was, but it very much was what it was, anyway, just for the sake of meeting its own ideals and integrity, and that made it better than anything else cared to be.

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