I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice 

question for Apple fanatics 

beginner-friendly Linux distros, long 

video games with wheelchair using protagonists 

i am once again asking for video games with wheelchair using protagonists that arent relying on the same dozen ableist tropes i've seen all my life

"we can't add wheelchairs to (game) how will they get to (important location)?!" is not the defense you think it is

(this is more "lamenting out loud" but if you do know of any i'm all ears)

video games with wheelchair using protagonists 

Looking for linux distro recommendations 

beginner-friendly Linux distros, long 


I expect that its designers would be genuinely delighted to hear that.

For any blind folks interested, I just got recruited to do a survey for blind iPhone or Samsung users. There is an $80 Amazon gift card as compensation. Figured I’d drop it here.


Hey folks, i need some recommendations for queer fiction!

Know of a good author making wonderful queer fiction? Let me know!

Im looking for diverse stories featuring queer characters, but i really wanna avoid sex scenes or sexually charged narratives (im too ace and traumatized for that).

I really love sci fi and fantasy novels and series, and just finished reading the Gideon the Ninth series. Bonus points if it features disabled and/or neurodiverse characters!

Boosts very welcome!

Christmas + 


Yes, last New Year's, I did share a link to an end-of-year journal for reflecting on the past year and planning the next. It's a printable called YearCompass: yearcompass.com/

Is that the one you were looking for?

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