"Dutch ID cards will be gender-free within five years, as the Government seeks to end the 'unnecessary' registration of gender."


The earliest recorded use of the word "otherkin" for people who identify as other than human was July 9, 1990 in the Elfinkind Digest mailing list. Yesterday was July 9, 2020, so that word was coined exactly 30 years ago! Happy belated Otherkin Day!

Source, where you can read about the history of it: frameacloud.com/nonfiction/oth

this is S4Rx' whateverly reminder that Golden Treasure is really heckin good, very dragon, very kin.

and on sale right now.



heck, this is literally in the dev commentary (bit of a spoiler censored here)

insect death, the circle of life 

What was that one-page comic where somebody trans pointed out why she didn't like unisex restroom signs being labeled with whether they have urinals, because people end up treating them like they're men's rooms anyway? I can't find it, anyone know where that comic was?

In observance of International Day on the 14th, the Nonbinary Wiki-- @NonbinaryWiki -- is running an editing challenge from July 6 to 14. There are prizes to be won! Learn more & sign up:


scp-wiki (+) 

(The other draft of this post said "As a perpetually tired person, I display virtually no behaviors.")

According to philosopher Judith Butler's concept of performativity, our genders are created through our behaviors, rather than existing inside of us. Luckily for me, as a nonbinary person, I never behave.


I don't understand what this footnote means but I like it

dragons, trans-adjacent 

some genderqueer portal stories (long) 

on racism and human nature 

Dr Gerbasi's furry identity studies; link to participate 

tips for tolerating fireworks for folks who don't like 'em (OK to RT) 

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