salty about men and sexism 

I feel kind of wary about guys with social media profiles that mostly just consist of the phrase "husband and father," because maybe they're really into the Nietzscheans in "Andromeda".

thinking about old lost skills 

musing about art 

musing about art 

Imagine being such a prankster that you're remembered a century later *as* a prankster.

D&D tip: "Every social encounter is better if one or more of the human NPCs in the scene actually is a dragon in disguise. [...] The DM does not need to know which NPC is a dragon until it is revealed later."

food (not necessarily vegetarian) 

re: food (not vegetarian) 

food (not necessarily vegetarian) 

Dysphoria can feel like using your off-hand to write. 

"Darby the Dragon" is a point-and-click adventure game from 1996. The "King's Quest"-like gameplay is meant to be very easy, and it's for early readers. The art, stories, and music are surprisingly excellent, and cute as can be. Here's a link where you can play it in browser via an emulator.

I've never actually *needed* to know the difference between a stalactite and a stalagmite, so far.

hrt, transhumanist propaganda 

What if there was something like Etsy, but instead of being a centralized site, it was more like a webring or a federated service for finding the exact indie sellers/products/services you want? :dragn_think:

seeking a gender neutral equivalent of the words sir and ma'am 

I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice; question about Washington state gov-issued ID, trans-related 

question about Washington state gov-issued ID, trans-related 

some advice about gender dysphoria & transition 

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