partial misinfo, unreality, seattle 

a recommended trans book (+) 

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a recommended trans book (+) 

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extreme food crime, clowns 

extreme food crime, clowns 

What do you call someone who is great at catching butterflies? 

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Champion is neutral... addressing someone as champ feels masculine/butch to me... but it doesn’t HAVE to be masc.


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Brought to you by realizing that to me, 251 seems mostly red because 5 is in the tens place, whereas 215 is mostly silvery white because 1 is in the tens place, which changes the 2 to a more intense black and the 5 to pink. I don't know why my brain made up rules that were so complicated. You would think the numerals would stay the same color no matter what column they're in, and what numerals are with them.

Like fridge magnets, which are thought to be how most people end up with letter-color associations:

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