To celebrate getting my tablet & art software to work again, I worked on this picture for @kistaro ! :dragnmlempeek:

climate change 

New icon! Old icon attached, so you know who I am. I changed it here & there to look better when displayed at different sizes, & to look more like my usual art style.


"The gender of Lan Caihe is unknown. ... Chinese theatre portrays Lan as wearing feminine clothes, but speaking in a masculine voice ... Lan was said to have been a man who could not understand how to be a man."

Lan Caihe is an immortal from Taoist mythology who has been gender nonconforming for several dynasties, who was originally a homeless street performer. I've finished rewriting this former stub from all sources I can access without resorting to interlibrary loans. This now appears to be the most thorough piece of writing about Lan Caihe in any Western language (and I'd love to be proven wrong about that).

our cat's misadventures (photo of cat with shaved arms and stitches, but doing fine, and wearing clothes, as required by the vet; long) (+) 

our cat's misadventures (photo of partly shaved cat who has stitches; OK to RT) (+) 

begging for help with vet bill (long) (OK to RT) 

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, night 7; food 

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, night 6; Bible quotes; sad stuff; long; food mention 

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation 

food (+) 

What it feels like when somebody on Mastodon with a pretty much blank profile sends you a follow request, and they didn't even say hi:

Thanks to @zebratron2084 for finding what appears to be the article I remembered: a facsimile from 1692 explaining that English has six grammatical genders, for men, women, angels, stars, months, winds, ships, nations, rivers, fowls, eagles, and "doubtful genders" (implied to be singular "they") for cousins, thieves, friends, enemies, servants, and so on! Read it here:

Theri There is my about . We didn’t reach the goal for it after a long time, so I decided to just update Theri There whenever I feel like it.
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A recommended YA novel about : _A Dragon's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans_, by Laurence Yep and Joanne Rider. It's an urban fantasy novel about magic creatures secretly living in San Francisco. My favorite point made about dragons in the first book: when someone asks a dragon if she's an Eastern or Western dragon because of this or that characteristic, she scoffs, and explains only humans think of dragons in categories like that, because every dragon is unique. This is so my jam.

Dragon Style

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