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Two new pages of my comic about , "Theri There," in which the self cat day concludes. View the full size comic, transcript, and comments at: therithere.dreamwidth.org/2242

New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work, continued.
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New page of Theri There, my comic about otherkin! In which a cat takes a day off work.
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dysphoria + 

I was delighted to stumble across this book mentioning that some transgender people identify as nonhuman! These are the two pages in question, in *A Quick & Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities,* by Mady G & J.R. Zuckerberg. It's a sex ed comic book for youth, with no explicit imagery, since it's focused on explaining about ideas, words, identities, & feelings. (Image transcripts are in the replies.)

a satire on fatphobia and sexism 

Here's a comic about what clothing designers must think women say. I don't believe this is how anybody really feels about trying to buy clothes.

View full size with transcript at frameacloud.com/frameacloud_no

To celebrate getting my tablet & art software to work again, I worked on this picture for @kistaro ! :dragnmlempeek:

climate change 

The Life Timeliner-- an interactive tool at frameacloud.com/wp-content/upl --is unavoidably about your mortality and how climate change affects your future. Currently, it comes off as way more depressing than I want it to. It's the most depressing thing I've ever made, even.

I'm trying to make the next version of the tool less depressing and more like what I intended: something that lights a fire under you to take action in your personal life and in your world to build a future that you could look forward to so much that you'd want to live as long as you can, maybe even longer than humans have ever lived before. It should be something that makes you dream of solarpunk transhumanism, because those are the two solutions to the two big bummers of climate change and mortality.

My first thought about how to do that is to include information about what people are doing to save animals that are at risk of going extinct in the next few years. That makes it so there's more of a sense of agency rather than inevitability. The bad news about people carelessly driving animals to extinction needed the good news about the other people who are working their hardest to save animals from extinction.

After reading a bunch of stuff that was just what I was looking for, I saw these two comments-- in the attached screenshot-- on an article about saving endangered penguins, and I had to laugh.

New icon! Old icon attached, so you know who I am. I changed it here & there to look better when displayed at different sizes, & to look more like my usual art style.

our cat's misadventures (photo of cat with shaved arms and stitches, but doing fine, and wearing clothes, as required by the vet; long) (+) 

(Background: we searched for our missing cat for 5 days. When we found him, we was injured, and we had to rush him to the vet for emergency surgery. Now he's recovering very well.)

Clever Mr. Dreamypants managed to remove his cone collar during the night, and chewed on his stitches. No *serious* damage done, but we really don't want him to have to have another surgery if he hurts himself. It's already been around $5500.

The vet told us to put a soft shirt and harness on him, and fasten his cone to that. We looked for Youtube videos about how to put the shirt and harness on him, but it turns out that the videos that claim it's easy are ones that involve cats that are much more cooperative. We managed it, and I think this harness is just his style.

A day later, he seems at ease with having to wear clothes. No sign of it being irritating or itchy. Maybe it helps keep him warm, since a lot of that shoulder is shaved.

My family would appreciate any help with paying for the emergency surgery that saved our cat:

our cat's misadventures (photo of partly shaved cat who has stitches; OK to RT) (+) 

Here's how he looks today. Since it's been about a week since his surgery, I've started letting him out of his recovery cage for short periods, so he can roam around the house, closely supervised to make sure he doesn't hurt himself. He's not supposed to climb during this phase of his recovery, but I wasn't fast enough to stop him from hopping into this empty bookshelf. He's very pleased with himself and purring loudly. I think being up there helps him feel more secure.

My family would appreciate any help with paying for the emergency surgery that saved our cat:

begging for help with vet bill (long) (OK to RT) 

It's been a stressful couple of weeks. My family searched everywhere for our missing cat for five days: searched his hiding places, visited all the shelters, canvassed the neighborhood with "lost cat" fliers, posted about him in a bunch of regional groups online, updated his microchip info, put his cat bed and toys out on the porch, everything. We'd just about given up hope for seeing him again, because he can't survive for long without getting medicine every day.

As a last effort, we cooked some chicken with the windows open. We couldn't believe it when he suddenly showed up at the door! ...Staggering, with a big infected wound that he must have had for days. We rushed him to the emergency vet, who put him on fluids, started cleaning him up, and had to keep him overnight for a few days. He's going in for surgery right now, as I write this.

His vet bill is still just an estimate, but it's at least USD$3200. They expect it to end up around $5500, depending on how his surgery goes. Those are scarily big numbers for us, but getting him this care was the right thing to do. We couldn't stand doing anything else. We're planning on rebuilding a porch to be a catio, to convince Mr. Wild Man Of The Woods to be a strictly indoor-only cat from now on, too. Still, this is difficult timing for such a big unexpected expense, because I'm not working right now, I'm a full-time student, as part of making a career change. I'd appreciate any help with paying off this vet bill. You can chip in to my Ko-Fi:

The lesson from this is that if you ever have a missing pet, cook their favorite food with the windows open *first.* It'll save you a *lot* of trouble.

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, night 7; food 

Seven books tall, now.

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, night 6; Bible quotes; sad stuff; long; food mention 

Tonight, the book I added is my commonplace book, which is the book I treasure most right now. It's full of things I've handwritten that I think are helpful guidance, like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, poetry about illumination experiences, and tips for self-care when you're sick or upset.

Tonight, I read aloud to the spirits these pages in my commonplace book, where I'd written some Bible quotes that feel welcoming to me as a queer person. I explained to our trancestors that I understand if they have complicated or not-so-great feelings about the Bible, since it's been used to hurt us, but I know probably a lot of our trancestors grew up in a Christian background, like I did, and the pain there is something that I've been working on for myself.

Instead of just the excerpt I'd handwritten, I read the entire Acts 8 aloud directly from the Bible, and I was struck by how its excerpt from Isaiah 53:7-8 (Greek version) describes a situation so like what our trancestors have suffered: innocent lives cut short by a violent death with no justice. I had to take a few minutes to collect myself, when I read that to them, but I think it was one kind of memorial song that they needed.

One book taller, now, with fresh water, and a new chocolate.

Image transcripts in reply.

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation 

Trans Rite of Ancestor Elevation, 5th night. We have always been here, and every one of us will always matter for having existed.

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