about this account, read this if I've unfollowed or softblocked you or blocked your domain, all's well 

For a healthy relationship with social media, some of us who are artists & writers need one account where they're "on," & another account where they're "off."

My public creative works (such as my comic & books that I write) & my community-oriented activity will be on my other account, while this account will be strictly a quiet place where I talk with a few of my friends sometimes.

Since I'm not interested in having my public posts from this particular account spread far, I've taken a few actions to help this feel like a quiet place for me:

1. I've reduced how many accounts I interact with here. I unfollowed or soft-blocked a lot of accounts. If I've soft-blocked you from this account, don't worry, we don't have any quarrel. It's just a change in how I use this account. Just follow the other account instead of this one. If I've soft-blocked you from this account, that doesn't necessarily mean that we aren't friends!

2. I've turned off boosts (echos), so that I only see posts written by my friends themselves.

3. I've blocked a bunch of unrelated Fediverse domains. If you find that I've blocked your domain, that's probably why. I don't have any ill will against those domains or the good people on them. I'm just turning down the volume in this particular social media space.

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