voice resources for trans people on T 

I'm researching this a little anyway, so I'll make this a thread of helpful resources about voice changes and voice therapy for trans men and other trans people on T.

The Good Men Project has this summary of a study of 30 trans men's voices. They found T was typically very successful at bringing the voice into the average cis male range, but other aspects of making the voice sound masculine need voice therapy.

Here's the study itself, in Scientific Reports: nature.com/articles/s41598-021

voice resources for trans people on T 

Constansis, "The Changing Female-To-Male (FTM) Voice," in the Radical Musicology journal. A lot of practical information about how to do voice therapy during transition in order to have a healthy, expressive voice, and prevent hoarseness or loss of singing range.

And here are his notes instructing how to do the voice exercises:

voice resources for trans people on T 

Here is a fantastic dissertation from 2018 all about how the voice changes on T, and how to take care of it. It has a timeline of what changes happen in each month, and instructions for voice exercises.

Tessa M. Romano, "The Singing Voice During the First Two Years of Testosterone Therapy: Working with the Trans or Gender Queer Voice."



voice resources for trans people on T 

This article was just published a few months ago. It has a detailed timeline of voice changes.

Tessa Romano, "Types of Testosterone Therapy and their Effects on the Voices of Transgender Singers," Journal of Singing, Vol. 78, no. 3., 2022, nats.org/_Library/JOS_On_Point

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