A game that is the reverse of Animal Crossing might look like this: you have to play an animal. You're not allowed to be human, because all the NPCs are represented as humans. The human NPCs run the town, not you. You just wander around and make mischief, spreading some chaos in their efforts to build order.

I was trying to picture it, and realized that kind of describes Untitled Goose Game.

@frameacloud Untitled Goose Game / Goat Simulator / SimAnt / Ecco the Dolphin mashup mayhem MMO


Oh yeah, SimAnt counts too, doesn't it? Good brainstorming, thanks. I feel like I came up with some other surprising examples of this when I was thinking about it in the middle of the night one time, but I forget...

@carcinopithecus @frameacloud Ecco the Dolphin just makes me think of sensory deprivation tanks and LSD these days.
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