I spent a day watching fox videos on you tube and realized foxes have vertical slit pupils! I looked up what animals have vertical slits and found it was cats, foxes, geckos, alligators, vipers and some species of birds. They are predators which are low to the ground and the vertical slits offer advantages. I had heard foxes had canine hardware and feline software, but they have some hardware mods, too - the vertical slit pupils, and some have retractable claws! sci-news.com/biology/science-p



That's an interesting study for creature design in fantasy and science fiction. They found that vertical slit pupils are useful specifically for small ambush predators who are low to the ground, and wouldn't be useful at all for larger predators like lions and tigers, so they don't have them. That means huge scary fantasy monsters realistically should never have slit pupils. (Unless if somebody decides it just looks cooler to draw them that way, which is the final rule of creature design. It's just for fun, when you get down to it.)

@frameacloud I always like scifi/f creature design and world building that use real biology and ecology principles and tweak it in interesting ways.

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