Masc fashion question. Is it a faux pas for a guy to use board shorts as streetwear on a hot summer day when you're clearly not swimming & you're not even going somewhere with water?

@frameacloud Voted "no, they're streetwear" as I was born in California and that Just Happens when it's hot enough out. Femme folks pairing board shorts with bikini tops also happens under similar conditions. 👍

@frameacloud That's fairly normal here. But also, who cares? The fashion rules are dumb.


I was confused by this until I looked up what "board shorts" are and realized that they're what I call "swim trunks". It didn't change my answer any, though (what I was envisioning was "shorts like a skateboarder might wear", so the water connection didn't make sense). They're still shorts enough to walk around in.


Faux pas, no generally uncomfortable for the wearer due to the mesh inside yes

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