so, what poem has made the top of your head feel like it's been taken off lately?





@frameacloud This one.
Admittedly I first read it some time ago, but I was reminded of it again recently. So incredibly beautiful, that hope in a fence of realism.

@Mayana @frameacloud

"... Some of us have
become ghosts by the time the dust has settled ..."

Yowza .. what a line

poem about war and trauma 

@kensanata @frameacloud

"... And when it happens, there will be no fuss ..."

Great line that anchors your poem

@frameacloud read it long ago, but Michiko Dead by jack gilbert is such a good description of grief.

@frameacloud love after love by derek walcott. not because i'm heartbroken, but that everything feels so dire and i'm busy distracting myself from it all that i forget to come home to myself. (does that make sense? i hope it does.)

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