I finished my big project! Just in time for New Year's Eve, you can now play Life Timeliner, an interactive wizard I created that generates a chronology of your life. (Or the life of a friend, family member, or fictional character.)

Life Timeliner helps you review your past, and plan your future. It doesn't use psychic divination or astrology, because this wizard's predictions are strictly based on science.



How long have I been working on this project? I tried to release it for *last* New Year's Eve! The project has gone through a variety of permutations over the past couple years as I continued to discover what I could do with it. This is the first time I've shared any form of it!

This 1.0 version is stable and complete, but I have ideas for how I'm going to continue expanding it in later versions. For example, I'm going to add more details into the output about your past, which is relatively simple now. Other than that, I'm open to feedback and suggestions.

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