Please recommend any books, sites, or Youtube videos about forming a healthier understanding of masculinity, men, and manhood? Especially if it isn't cis-het centered? I have "Female Masculinity" on my reading list, but I'm going to need more. (Some mythic/pagan ones would be neat, to balance the Goddess spirituality books that I kind of like.)

@frameacloud boosts? we don't have much ourselves but we could try to broadcast the question farther

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@frameacloud a classic, but for a lot of things I keep coming back to the bits of Raewyn Connell's "Masculinities" that I read.

And uh, I don't remember the details, I'm sure there were some weird things, but, I liked the documentary "The Feminist on Cellblock Y" about critical masculinity work in prison. It is very cis though, iirc.

@frameacloud have you checked out pop culture detective on youtube? He has a few good vids on feminist topics focusing on men

@frameacloud @mood the only thing a person needs to understand healthy masculinity is flamboyant by dorian electra (the entire album)

@frameacloud It's fiction, but "The Shore of Women" is pretty good at this, imo

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