Would anyone happen to have access to the portion of the UnitedHealthcare community plan (corporate) policies regarding transgender health that were in effect in late 2018? Or can you manage to find it on their site? I'm only finding the current version of the policy, but I need the version that was in effect in 2018. OK to RT.


Damn, we're on that plan but we really doubt we have any paperwork that'd have that particular info from that particular time, apologies :(

@frameacloud I found their 2017 documentation:

According to it, coverage varies by plan, so it’s probably not super useful on its own (and it’s a year too early), but on the offhand chance it was in the right vein I thought I would send it your way. I couldn’t find a 2018 version, but I don’t know if that’s because it’s not online or because they didn’t issue new policy in 2018.


Ahh! Thank you so much!! Although this may not be the exact version that I need, what this does is prove that the agent who told me that they do not keep old versions of their policies was incorrect.

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