I'm sick of most of the top search results in Duckduckgo being white supremacist, creationist, conspiracy, and TERF sites. When I try to eliminate that garbage from the search by using minus signs, I end up having to do so many of them that the duck soon tells me I've hit my character limit for a search. Is there a one-click or one-keyword way to make the duck automatically filter those out?

@frameacloud I find the ads are just as gross—I do not want ‘autism cure’ adverts when looking up autism.

I’m honestly questioning if it’s intentional at this point tbh. I don’t know who manages/owns duckduckgo but I feel I want to check up on their political views.

@frameacloud Weird, I don’t get this at all. I wonder if my adblock is getting them?

@frameacloud I *want* to prefer Duckduckgo, but more often than not I have to switch back to the goog just to find stuff that's relevant...

@monsterblue @frameacloud Yeah, let's not talk about the garbage that is the non-Javascript version of the site. For every goddamn search I get basically like five results and Image search it's disabled.

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