I'm not a gameing person, but I feel like telling you about the games from the racial justice bundle that I'm trying. My feelings: to be found in this thread.

Gameing: Sewer Rave 

Gameing: Vilmonic 

Gameing: Democratic Socialism Simulator 

Gameing: Hidden Folks 

Gameing: Visual Out 

Gameing: KIDS 

Gameing: Beglitched 

Gameing: Beglitched 

Gameing: Celeste 


Gameing: adjacency 

Gameing: Satellite Repairman 

Gameing: Satellite Repairman 

No Gameing 

Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

Gameing: Radical Solitaire 

Btw if you want to see some games from the bundle sorted by accessibility needs, representation and other such categories, see this great list here that @frameacloud started: docs.google.com/document/d/11e

And consider adding the games that you've tried out!

@maunzi @frameacloud Oooh, many thanks!
Farming games *___*
Now I know which they are.

(Unfortunately I also now know that there are ZERO Hamster games </3)

@schokopflaster @maunzi

Here you go, turns out there was a hamster game in the bundle! "Michtim: Fluffy Adventures" is about hamster-like fantasy beings. I had it in the "rodents and small mammals" section. I wasn't sure they were supposed to be like hamsters or some other little critter, until I just now noticed the game creator tagged it "hamsterpunk." Seems there's a lot about the game that you would like. They're nonbinary hamsters. Take a look: grimogre.itch.io/michtim

@frameacloud @maunzi
Oh my glob, oh my glob, oh my glob! Thank you for finding this gem! It's incredible! And so fluffy! That the hamus are even non binary that's such a nice touch!!
I'm already on the lookout for people to play it with.
Thanks again for finding it and remembering me :)


@schokopflaster @maunzi

You're welcome!! ✨ I'll keep an eye out for anything else in the bundle with hamsters, but that one sounds hard to beat for how perfect it is for you! Let me know if there's anything else you're looking for, this is fun.

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