I've been browsing through the bundle every day for a while now. You can ask me for recommendations of stuff in it. Just let me know what kinds of stuff you are or aren't looking for, like... particular kinds of content, tone, representation, accessibility needs, whatever.

my personal favorites from the bundle so far 

my personal favorites from the bundle so far 

@frameacloud here's an odd one for you: art references and stuff?

the search feature only works for titles. that seems kinda sub-optimal for the task.

@frameacloud I wanna learn how to draw ppl and furries and whatnot! I'm pretty much starting from nothing.

@frameacloud (so uh, the kind of art reference someone who's trying to learn how to draw would look for, I guess? .-.)


I looked, but I don't see anything like that in the bundle.

I mean, there's the game "ART SQOOL," but it's more abstract.


Sure. Sorry that kind of thing just wasn't in the bundle. Let me know if I can help you find anything else in it, anytime.

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