I just stumbled across this raccoon vaporwave game on itch, and I haven't played it yet but I already think it sounds on brand for you?

@frameacloud It looks adorable but I think I'm still holding out for Wreckoons. If it's got a raccoon in it but you can't steal a car, it's a good raccoon game but it's not the ideal raccoon game. :D Thank you for the link, though! I still need to slog through that bundle one of these days...


That game wasn't part of the bundle. These are the raccoon games I've seen in the bundle so far:

- Dumpster Fire (a TTRPG, and I believe it would be acceptable within canon to have the trash panda steal a car)

- Heart Full of Trash (a raccoon dating LARP)

@frameacloud There's a Crash Pandas one-pager TTRPG, too, which is about... well it's also about stealing cars. What can I say, we're obsessed. :ms_raccoon:

@frameacloud And to be fair to your original post, raccoons *are* innately somewhat vaporwave, especially when we get our Lisa Frank on... =(^)_(^)=

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