Can you tell me about some games in the "bundle for racial justice and equality" that feature characters with physical disabilities? That's one of the lists that I started in this document, but so far I only have Extreme Meatpunks Forever, which has a playable character in a wheelchair: bundle, disability representation 

@frameacloud arcade spirits has a character with a degenerative chronic illness, but other than emf i havent really seen any visibly physically disabled characters. i also havent played more than a handful of games but will report back if i find any.

(unrelated to physical disability, but of note to the aro/ace representation, arcade spirits has a mode that lets you completely disable romantic/sexual interactions, and a platonic character ending in place of the usual romantic one.)


Perfect, thank you! I'm adding that to both those categories. The doc is set so that you can edit it directly, too.


Away Team. You're the AI of a colony ship trying to find a new home for humanity, and at least one of the potential colonists you can pick has a nebulously defined physical disability that doesn't limit their effectiveness on missions but does get mentioned a decent bit in dialogue.


the game AIdol has a character who is blind

also, i've recently started reading the book Chameleon Moon—two of the main characters have prosthetics, and reviews suggest there are other disabled characters. as far as i've read, someone is mentioned to be using a hover-chair presumably as a mobility aid, but i don't know yet if they're an important character


Thank you for sharing, this is exactly the stuff I'm looking for! I'll add them right away. You can edit the list directly, too.

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