The incense swirls gently as the fortuneteller turns over the first card in the reading she is doing for you. She examines it and says, "Ah, you've gotten the card 'Is This A Pigeon?' The spirits are telling you that you are misinterpreting something in your situation." She turns over the second card, and says gravely, "Perhaps that misapprehension was directed by others, because the next card is 'You Are Not Immune To Propaganda.'"


An Internet meme oracle would be practical in that it gets down to what the idea is behind divination based on random number generation selecting nuanced cultural symbolism that can then be subjectively relatable, and the use of contemporary imagery might be more familiar and therefore effective than some of the more archaic imagery in the Tarot, is what I'm saying.

@frameacloud we made up a divination system for fun once that used a standard 52-card playing-card deck

the four suits corresponded to Bartle's typology of player types, because those are represented with four suits

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